October Thoughts 2020

This will be a channel of thoughts on the internet starting today going further. Not too long but some words to express more of my life. It may be therapeutic for me and maybe insightful to someone else, I hope. I will not be getting political but will just share thoughts about the world, life, music industry, & other stuff. I am not completely sure what I want to say but sure that I want to share something. I am trying to create reasons for people visit the website, to sell stuff. I am also thinking of giving a chunk of my sales to charities, just need to work on getting more traffic. Instagram has many of organizations to pick from. My Instagram name is @sshhhonnn & my twitter is @shhonsstuff. I used to journal on my laptop a lot in Davenport, Iowa, like 10-15 pages deep, but stopped once I stopped drinking alcohol.

This thanksgiving will be 5 years of no alcohol for me also, I am getting a fancy coin for that. I used to paint a lot but stopped that also, I am thinking of starting again and selling them on the website. I have a painting currently up now that I still have from years ago. I also want to have this be a sort of “get to know me” type of blog; then a music blog going further. Where you get raw thoughts from me every few weeks, and have the business be a little more personal if the music playlists did not do that already. I really take my monthly top 10 playlists on Spotify serious, so much I run ads on them now. If I keep typing these actual word blogs, it will form better each post as I think about it more. I am going to put up photos that I have taken for the cover photo of the blog. I found a second supplier that has way better products that are up now, even Kanye West sneakers by Adidas. I do not post anything on my personal Facebook besides photo’s I have taken, so these will be like ultra-long Facebook posts or Twitter tweets to go along with my music playlists. My name is Sean, I just spell it online how it is pronounced. I think kindness is going away in society as everyone gets into their preferred way of thinking, we are aligning with other minds we agree with and turning away from another viewpoints. Maybe it is me but being able to know everyone’s thoughts on every topic just seems too much. Some people now days also pick a side for the topic before they even know the topic.  

The September Top 10 playlist is up on social media, it has gotten more serious the longer I do it. I started the playlists because of Spotify’s Top 100 songs of the year algorithm created me something that was not completely what I listened to. I then started my own Top 10 of the month and decided to share it online. I am calling this blog “Thinking Thoughts”, I did not give it much thought, but it sounds right. I read the “Twenty-Four Hours A Day” book daily, it helps so I keep doing it. Sort of like how if this blog does not feel right after a while, I will just delete it. I think I am sure I want to start a word blog though, so I am going to at least keep this up for now. I try to post daily posts on Instagram & Facebook stories to promote the website but do not run as many ads as I wish I could. If you are reading this; I would love to hear a song that you like or anything about music. If you tell me anything about music, I will listen. I think if people out on the internet can read more about me, then they may buy something from me. Rather than just being a transaction. I think the hardest part of this blog will be continuing with a second post a couple weeks from now, but I should be able to find some thoughts to share. One way to find out what music I am listening to is find me on Spotify and check out my saved albums and playlists. There is one for each month and then the Top 10’s. I will type more about music the next blog.