October Thoughts

MLB 2022 Season

History was made this week with Aaron Judge hitting his 61st home run this season, with still more games for him to break the record. The dilemma is that Barry Bonds hit 73 in a season, Mark McGwire hit 70, and Sammy Sosa hit 66 in a season; but they all did steroids though. For me then the record is still Roger Maris’s at 61 home runs in a season, and if Aaron Judge hits 62 then he has the record. The media has been going off Roger Maris’s 61 and not mentioning the other 3 guys. It sucks because as a kid Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa all had me glued to baseball tonight show the years they hit them. It came down to 20 years later that Barry Bonds hasn't been not allowed into the hall of fame for their steroid usage. Albert Pujols hit the 700th home run of his career and just letting this season become historic. Aaron Judge should end with 62 or 63 home runs, he won’t hit 73 as Barry Bonds did in 2001 which brings on the question; who is the home run king? Aaron Judge who didn’t use steroids or Barry Bonds who did? Boxden people online, some think Barry Bonds should be allowed to cheat and hold the single-season home run record, while some giving it to Maris and Judge.

Crypto Ponders

City-data.com people think crypto is dead because of its price drop this whole year and it has been odd. It’s not dead, it’s just not a bull run going on for Bitcoin and it trending down all year because of its cycle. The media has got involved now with Bitcoin becoming mainstream with large institutions and whales waiting to see how low Bitcoin goes, since there isn’t a hurry to buy Bitcoin. There are alt-coins going up when Bitcoin doesn’t mean cryptos aren’t dying, just that people see more gains in alt-coins rather than old-fashion Bitcoin. It’s Bitcoin’s price that decides the rest long term though but trying to get people to fall out of love with their alt-coins seems like how it's going now.

Bunch of up and down price action and trending down overall, Bitcoin and crypto sometimes spikes up a bit and then 5-6 hours later it’s back to where I started. Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy bought more bitcoin but their average price is still $30k, meaning they won’t be in profit unto Bitcoin hits over $30k. With Bitcoin being so lower that won’t happen for a while I think. With crypto prices down, I wonder who will stop posting in discord servers because they sold their crypto and haven’t been DCA’ing. If you have been buying Bitcoin in the $20k range or even lower then your average price is probably getting lower and lower. I mentioned in a previous blog about USDC not being on Robinhood as a stablecoin and I just got a notification that it is. Now my biggest question is why? A person can have dollars on Robinhood, and now USD Coin but what would be a benefit of using USD Coin? Will USD Coin replace the dollar?

The Federal Reserve guy came out and said crypto needs more regulation and that a CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency, won’t be private. By the time the Fed comes out with a CBDC, Bitcoin will be close to it’s next halving cycle and people will see how the CBDC won’t be private and not have a limited supply. Bitcoin only has 21 million bitcoins though, and I don’t see the United States government banning Bitcoin and cryptos; so what will people use? Will USD Coin become legal tender in America before Bitcoin and then Bitcoin becomes more of a form of storage like digital gold? No coiners won’t mind a change to something with a stable value but Bitcoin can’t become legal tender and trend down for a year or more. Bitcoin mining still takes up a lot of energy and the Federal reserve wants to regulate it.

Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime

Since I have prime I get to watch one game a week on Thursdays. My antenna is pretty good and there weren’t any buffering problems watching last week. It’s about the correct amount of time I want to spend watching sports and it feels like TV since they have commercials. I had my bedroom computer set up to watch Thursday night football but my laptop broke for a while and moved everything out to use that computer now. The Incubator, (a discord server), does their NFT show at the same time as Thursday Night football so I don’t watch that anymore. Thursday nights are something I look forward to now and it’s just awesome watching TV since I haven’t had cable TV in years. This week the Dolphins Quarterback got hurt, a head injury and it sucked to watch.

The internet experience

I post songs and photos to City-data, a forum that has each state and just topics about everything. The song thread is odd because people will try to share songs that relate to your post. Boxden has been odd because I don’t post Hot Topics anymore since nothing comes to my YouTube feed anymore worth sharing. Boxden is a place where I have met people from and became pretty good friends, I moderate their discord server and have met more people since starting that. Musicbanter is a place where I have met many people also and know them somewhat well like the Boxden crew. Musicbanter has a discord server also but some of the members in there aren't active on the actual website, which makes it odd. Some members of musicbanter are daily posters and just never stopped posting. Musicbanter is just a website full of people who love music but it can be a website for every topic.

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