October Halftime Thoughts

Crypto Ponders
Google and Coinbase are teaming up by letting people pay for cloud services with crypto. Google is one of the largest companies in the world and just proves crypto is here for the future. If you bought an expensive bag or clothing item with a fancy name brand, how would you know it’s not fake and it's real? Phygital is this idea I learned from a video by MacNCheeasy, a crypto person, where your physical item is backed up on the blockchain. It’s a combination of a physical item and digital certification, “phygital”.

For a currency to be normal it should be flat and level and that's how Bitcoin has been. For about 2 months it’s been the same price around $19k per Bitcoin. Robinhood has more cryptocurrencies now, probably gathering up coins and tokens that will be around in the future. The last thing “investors” want is for their crypto’s price to go down like it has for the past year. Saturday Night Live with Elon Musk last year was the biggest hype and it’s been downhill since then. Dogecoin, that's still a thing but with other cryptos coming into the mainstream, the dog coin is not talked about that much anymore. There is Shiba Inu, which had pumps, and now that's just been flat and level on a downtrend also. There are a few cryptos pumping in this bear market though like XRP, which isn’t on Robinhood, which is weird because the cryptos that plan to last are making their way to Robinhood. Kim Kardashian was charged with the crime of promoting a crypto coin because she was paid to. I guess that’s not allowed but there are lots of influencers doing that.

One thing about cryptocurrencies is that Bitcoin, is the most popular one that determines the other crypto prices, and it only may double at most. It won’t moon to $500k per Bitcoin, but Polygon or Cardano may triple or more in price because of where they peaked before in the last bull run in 2021. Ethereum to $10k, Polygon to $10, or Cardano to $5 are all better than Bitcoin to $100k. Over time other cryptocurrencies have shown the world they are staying and have more growth options other than Bitcoin. I am not telling anyone advice, just observing the crypto market and explaining the better options. Some crypto influencers don’t even hold Bitcoin, while some only hold Bitcoin; so deciding where to start may be hard for no coiners.

CIA’s Gateway Process

The gateway process or experience for everyone is different but I landed on it after years and years of pondering the law of attraction. It is real, and the CIA has a program just for it. There are a few major things about this program, it explains the essence of consciousness and that manifestation is possible and real. Robert Allan Monroe is the guy who invented or started the program, and it isn’t rocket science but just uses both hemispheres of the human brain. It has one frequency going through one ear, and another frequency going through the other. It is so powerful CIA kept it secret for a while and since 2003 the “waves” or tracks have been leaked onto eBay and people bought them and uploaded them to YouTube. It’s a personal experience listening to the waves because not everyone knows what they are looking for. It takes years of searching about consciousness and what the limits are of the human mind. It’s a meditation, you want to lie down or sit in a peaceful place and listen to the waves. It’s called ‘remote viewing” to some, and “astral projection” to others but the main goal is to experience the out-of-body phenomenon.

CIA called the program “Stargate” but it was just research of consciousness and if someone could astral project to view places with an out-of-body experience by remote viewing from where they physically are. This isn’t the MK-ultra program CIA had or has but more of a meditation to peaceful astral project or remote view. I have heard some listen to the waves before bed and their dreams are way more lucid. It’s a complex idea using the Earth's magnetic field and the human heart, how they are both connected. If you don’t know, we are all connected; and astral projection makes the world way smaller. I don’t want to type on and on about something I don’t completely know but I do know it works and listening to the waves you can remote view or astral project easier than not listening to the waves.

I don’t have cable channels here so only Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime is what I get. The postseason for baseball is here and will be interesting seeing the Yankees play and see how far they go in the playoffs. Aaron Judge did hit the most home runs in a season without doing steroids, some online still think 73 by Barry Bonds is the record though. I want to see the Yankees win the world series so it’ll be interesting to watch the MLB playoffs for the rest of the month. Dave Portnoy of Barstool sports thinks Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols are using steroids like Barry Bonds other did years back. I don’t think that is true and he is just trying to get YouTube views by being outrageous. Shohei Ohtani had one heck of a season, same with Mike Trout, so it’s odd seeing their season end with the Angels sucking as a team. Shohei Ohtani had an MVP season but the MVP award with probably go to Aaron Judge who hit 62 home runs this year.

Connecticut vs Quad Cities
Living here in Connecticut has been different than in Davenport, Iowa, both an apartment building with zero privacy. Living in Connecticut has been more of a healthier choice for me but I miss my family there in Iowa. I get to see family here in Connecticut, every Sunday I go to my parent's here and eat and visit with them. I used to go over to Nina’s house with my dad and eat and visit there too. I guess I can’t be in two places at once, but wouldn’t that be nice if I could? One thing about Davenport is that it’s a city and has blocks to run routes while here in the small town of Connecticut there are just roads. I looked at the Quad Cities area on Google Earth a lot of it’s growing, slowly but growing in the Northern part of Davenport and Bettendorf. I grew up in Davenport, Iowa so I am going to miss not living there and have been trying to explore parks around here in Connecticut.

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