November Thoughts

The Metaverse  

The metaverse is happening, soon and not just on Snapchat. Real life locations in the metaverse are for sale, fake land but real in internet 3D world. I predict it to have a Facebook avatar, in a virtual world and everything will cost money. Those shirts for your avatar would be NFTs and most likely will be able to buy with Facebook’s new cryptocurrency called Diem. Virtual homes, cars, boats, whatever you can imagine in real life; the metaverse will have it also. It’s already going on for some but still real new to others, video gamers basically operation in a similar situation but I don’t know much about that since I don’t play video games. Your phone could track the location of your avatar in the metaverse, so if you run a certain route in the morning; your avatar also runs that route in the metaverse. It would be a blend of real life and fake internet life, further than it already is now. Facebook has said they want to become a metaverse company instead of social media and plan this for the next 5 years. When covid had everyone inside, it fueled the metaverse further with people doing more online things. Snapchat already has your avatar ready and in a map with all the other friends of your showing their avatars where they are located.

I think there will be a hype on Facebook’s metaverse, they have that virtual reality stuff already and mix that with politics and I could see virtual rallies, virtual protesting. Metadata mixed with the metaverse will not be good for the average in real life here on Earth. I just hope there is one heck of a privacy settings on Facebooks new metaverse. I can’t have people knowing my patterns because I didn’t set my metaverse data to private.


Would you pay to own a file of a picture? You would get to own that photo, at least one of them; depending on how many were minted as an NFT. That’s what a non-fungible token comes down to, where it would be on the blockchain safely as you as the owner. The price you paid for that file of a picture could go down or up with the price of Ethereum. I think the future NFTs will be slowly become locked into society with everyone having a crypto wallet and an NFT wallet. Music artists haven’t really explored NFTs that much but the ones who have, have did better than if they didn’t. Coinbase has a million waiting on the waitlist to start using NFTs on their website. Plus NFL has partnered with Coinbase to do NFTs for football. That will be a big event and probably sell out right away like the NBA ones did. Coinbase is also working with Facebook, or whatever that website is planning on being called. NFT wallets will go mainstream too, people will give them out for free as advertisements, maybe not this crypto run but the next cycle. Panini, the sports card brand, has NFTs now also and I looked into them, and they were cooler looking than the baseball NFTs on Wax. These new NBA Panini NFTs were about prices for the actual cards graded but these were NFTs. China isn’t allowing NFTs also, and photoshop will offer a prepare as an NFT option coming to their program.

Discord Servers

I mentioned in last blog that discord servers are slightly like AOL with the chat rooms they had but not as much as IRC chats. That’s Internet Relay Chat and was the main way people talked online without the whole world seeing it. It probably is still going on, but discord servers are here now. Discord isn’t anything new to some but still all new to others, like crypto. I don’t think there is an Anonymous Discord server but there is Wallstreetbets. They make goals in the Incubator, that they share with everyone. I made some goals, not as big as people may think but I did get some accomplished. Cryptoknights server includes a group of TikTok crypto content creators that give out great information. They united into one server that has the 4; cryptomasun, theblockchainboy, crypto weatherman, cryptowendyo, Joshua Jake; the server has crypto logo icons to share so that helps. The Incubator mainly has two crypto content creators; MacNCheeasy and Jessefriedland but not sure if JesseFriedland has a TikTok or not, so I’ll have to look for that also. The Incubator has levels for it’s members also, which I don’t see other servers doing that. I am a level 9 person there, it’s like a real life video game and you get points for chatting with others in the server.


Shiba Inu presented a great opportunity and lots of people jumped onto it.  Felt just like when Dogecoin was pumping for the first time. I don’t think Shiba Inu can reach a penny, just like how Dogecoin reaching a dollar is a reach. Sending crypto to one another isn’t as hard as people may think it is. My parents store here in small town Connecticut accepts Bitcoin, via Cashapp. You just need the address, the string of letters and numbers that is yours. You send that to the other person, if you are sending them money, clicking send and pasting the address into where it asks what address you’re sending to. Some people don’t know even how to copy and paste on phones; just push your finger down the screen and the copy/paste clipboard pops up. Highlight the address you’re sending to in the clipboard and paste into your app you are using.

A few Bitcoin ETFs are now available, but I don’t get what people would be interested in that instead of the real Bitcoin. One thing that bitcoin can provide for the universe is heat, from the computers running all the time. Vancouver the city is heating its town with crypto mining since the miners generate so much heat. I moved some Cashapp bitcoin to Coinbase bitcoin wallet and it took about an hour. It gave an option of how fast I wanted the transfer to take; I chose the fastest and it was $0.16 on Cashapp. Cashapp & Robinhood are better than Coinbase, all transactions are under a dollar where Coinbase is $2 or more on any amount. Facebook is creating a metaverse, so that means they’ll have a crypto coin, and will be big because of how much information is on Facebook. Coinbase also went down, I clipped a snap of it for my next vlog but yeah Shiba Inu crashed Coinbase website and app for a little bit because of how many were buying. At least that’s what I assume since it was going up a lot of amount.

Bitcoin ATMs are being installed across the country at Walmarts, so far only 200 but 8000 are in the process headed to other Walmarts. On November 4th there is a Bitcoin & Blockchain summit in Florida; found out from theblockchainboy’s TikTok page and Bitcoin should be at all time high by then. Cryptomasun on TikTok has a video out talking about what the White House is going to do with crypto in 2022, which includes appointing a czar on crypto for the government. That will be interesting seeing what that persons views of crypto are.

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