November Halftime Thoughts


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations; what are they? What do they do? I don’t know that much if you don’t, but I am here to explain if you don’t know what they are. DAOs can have their own tokens, and those tokens allow voting according to the YouTube videos I watched on them. It is source code, and open source at that; so it’s hard to end a DAO I guess compared to corporations. They have tokens, and these tokens allow you to vote on the future things of the organization. So if you think about that for a bit and realize how more valuable some DAO tokens can be to you. Bitcoin doesn’t allow you to vote on anything, but I guess the DAO token does. Plus one thing to note for extreme noobs, coins are currencies with a blockchain, and tokens are branched off another blockchain. This is just all new to me, and the only reason I have started to learn about DAOs is that the Incubator discord server mentioned it at the same time as I saw a few TikTok videos about them.

Discord Servers 

Musicbanter & The Incubator, the two servers I check in daily now and it’s cool seeing each a community grow. Musicbanter is just a group from the website and The Incubator is a community started by Macncheeasy from TikTok crypto. The CryptoKnights server is awesome, it’s just huge and like the Gary Vee discord, both fast and hard to keep up with. Musicbanter has started Tuesday Chats and they do video/audio chat in the discord, just like how the Incubator people do on Mondays. The Incubator has levels and a rank system, and just overall better than most discord servers, musicbanter should start something like that because they have been getting newbies dropping in and we don’t know if they are from the website or not. Discord servers are where people chat now, it’s starting to get bigger and better. I did video chat with Tristen from Musicbanter, that was odd and would be interesting joining a bigger group in the future.


I am wondering if in Facebook’s Metaverse will there be any feeds? Like of things your friends did in the metaverse, similar to how now Facebook will sometimes show you what your friends liked or commented on. I wonder if there will be Facebook protests for a presidential campaign in the metaverse. Like a bunch of avatars with signs yelling stuff. Diem will be its crypto coin there in the Facebook Metaverse and it will be more like internet fake money rather than actual Bitcoin or Ethereum. It’s going to get weird because there are so many video gamers already in this country and they will fit right in with the metaverse. They already operate in one with the way video games have evolved over the decades now. Facebook should allow users to not be tracked for the feed algorithm.


Miami is in the crypto world and giving out profits from its holdings to the residents. I don’t really think there will be an extreme demand for Bitcoin ATMs because everyone will have their crypto wallets connected to a debit card like how some do already. I never used a Bitcoin ATM because they aren’t a need it you have a Robinhood debit card. Coinbase is going to start a subscription service for people for trade a lot, and with NFTs headed to coinbase there will be fees for that probably. I don’t have many hobbies, so crypto is something I got interested in in 2014 when a whole bitcoin was under $500. It was exactly $264/coin when I started mining and those satoshis, were either stolen once the value went up and someone saw publicly how much that wallet had in it without anyone moving anything on it. I mined while chatting with my grandma and I was explaining it to her because at that time I was pumped to get one satoshi and now with how easy people buy and sell crypto from phones it’s sort of wild-looking back on how much crypto has come. It will be interesting for the day when you can transfer Ethereum & Bitcoin from one wallet to Robinhood, and to see what new coins or tokens Robinhood will list for trading.

My theory on Bitcoin & Ethereum, and whatever coins or tokens that move with it; that whales of Bitcoin won’t let there be a huge jump. Bitcoin can’t go from $61k/coin to $65k/coin in one fast pump. Whales will drop the price and let it slowly go back up through $62k, $63k, and then $64k/coin then going back to the previous all-time high.

F.I.C Snapchat Group

The F.I.C Snapchat Group though, chats every day, all day; is in a rougher part than normal. Calvin in Utah left the group, and every time someone adds him back he leaves, could be mainly my fault too. We were friends but over time we stopped I guess. Southy, from Portland bought a dope electric bike! He cooks really nice meals every night. Robel, from California always going places and staying in hotels, pretty cool seeing the snaps from all his adventures. Keef, or Keith, is also in California and is always giving us in the chat videos before the news has the videos, all the time. There are a few other veterans in the chat also, Andrew, & Drama, both don’t chat on a daily and barely even do see them much, but they have been around. Isiah, or Trini, is in Massachusetts and shows all the nice weed from the shops there since it’s in stores. The Stain, or Half n Halph; the rapper in Kansas City rarely is in the chat but he always would give free freestyles in the video while he was driving. Akira, or Adam, his real name, is from Ohio, and he is in the chat daily, probably a top 10 in-universe video game player. Esco, another member lives in Detroit, I think but the main dude who saves the chat and chats in on a bigger picture type of vibe, in a positive way. Then last but not least, Kevin; in Seattle wasn’t much of a Boxden poster but brings a different perspective to the chat that is from a generation younger than me. He is a fan that actually goes to sporting events, unlike me staying home and refreshing google.


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