May Thoughts vs Robinhood vs Coinbase

Robinhood gives the best data and is better than Coinbase or, simply for small amounts of information they give on your stocks or cryptocurrency. There hasn’t been really a major pump for the 4 new coins/tokens they added to Robinhood. Robinhood is releasing soon a new debit card that does round up investment plus small amount back on transactions. Plus Robinhood has mentioned it will give out a weekly bonus up to $10; I assume for just how much you use the debit card.

Being more specific; Robinhood offers you the average price you bought the crypto or stock at, that is a major thing. It offers candle sticks and has better elliot wave chart; just seems name brand. If I can recommend a platform out of these three, it would definitely be Robinhood. I know they have halted trading at sketchy times and readers of this may completely disagree. I think there is just more to the story than trade halting. One nice thing about Robinhood is the low fees also, fees are cents when other platforms fees are dollars.

Coinbase has a nice interface but wildly different than Robinhood. Coinbase offers the most coins in existence when Robinhood has only 11. Robinhood gives more data though and fees are cents rather than dollars. Coinbase will put you in the red, and what Coinbase does just like is that they don’t tell you how much you have gained or lost. Coinbase offers 4% back in steller on transactions but it also cost $3 to load $100 onto the debit card. These companies are public and are the new banks. Coinbase is a major platform that had a popular Super bowl commercial and has most coins but not XRP. Coinbase offers crypto staking but nothing much on stablecoins, is a much better place to stack cryptocurrency than coinbase. They should increase the staking reward for USDC.

Coinbase Pro; a darker looking platform that is connected to the main basic coinbase platform but also different. I tried it out, not that long but wanted to be a pro so I checked it out and it’s just like The Pro version gives no extra data and actually is a worse platform than the coinbase basic. I like the white theme background rather than the darker look. The pro version is supposed to have lower fees also. is the biggest hype and nothing fancy; a whole stadium named after them and the platform doesn’t even have a web version. That means you cannot login anything on a computer, just a phone app. has a large debit card system with different colored cards and different benefits from using the card. Robinhood probably saw this and that’s why they are improving their debit card product. has a better staking system for crypto than coinbase, plus has it’s whole own crypto coin, CRO. The staking system has is better and has levels but doesn’t offer much if you aren’t staking much crypto. The higher amount in dollars you stake, the more yield it offers. also just shows a dollar balance and no data on transactions. No data given though; it just shows a balance measured in dollars of course. Sending crypto there takes about 2 hours from Cashapp when Cashapp says it’s supposed to take 10 minutes. Transferring crypto from app to Cashapp is extra hard and that a good thing if you do use it. It does 2 factor authentication plus a phone text code just to transfer. One thing about that was a positive though was the speed of transfer back to an external wallet. It took 2 hours to get to but just 3 minutes to return back. Coinbase was at least an hour either way.

Crypto Thoughts + Twitter

It’s been a wild few months for crypto people; I mainly judge crypto off of Bitcoin & Ethereum. If they do well, then alt-coins do well. Ethereum could become the leader of crypto but that may lead to a huge confusion of which crypto should be used for everything. Bitcoin is the leader, but some days Ethereum leads things but if Bitcoin dropped 15-20% in a day, Ethereum would too. I am working on a book of all crypto thoughts that will Finish this year and my goal is to load up to Amazon digital and sell for $2.99 each. I’ll buy a few covers and pick my favorite one for it. One thing I don’t do is stablecoins; that is the lamest crap ever. Dollars are what we use in this country, that crypto you may have, is based off of how much in dollars. XRP, a cryptocurrency also called Ripple, has been in the news and influencers push it but you can’t buy on Robinhood or Coinbase.

Elon Musk bought Twitter. Twitter is web2 but everyone who is starting web3 companies are on Twitter a lot. People on musicbanter don’t like Elon, but a lot of people do like him. People online have been bantering about it and I honestly don’t care. I actually feel Elon is a smart dude and will improve it. It’s a web2 company, but with the amount of computer science people he has around him, I am sure Twitter will be better off 5 years from now. I hope they get rid of fake accounts and blue checkmark every real human like Elon wants to do. One question most now is crypto even worth owning? Or are these platforms worth using? And that boils down to just what your intentions are, if you think Bitcoin is a strong step towards the future or a completely Ponzi scheme where you’re just waiting to dump once you have profits. Texas started mining crypto; first state also. Florida or Wyoming next I think.

The new Bitcoin ATM in town

I saw that the gas station has a Bitcoin ATM, there are different kinds of crypto ATMs too. This one wanted to confirm you through a phone text which was easy but the QR code for my bitcoin wallet wouldn’t scan. I felt odd standing there and not getting anywhere. I was just going to buy $20 in cash and send to my Cashapp wallet. I had the feelings of someone new to crypto and just wanting to get your funds safety into a wallet. If there was a line behind you and you were using this ATM for the first time it would be slightly stressful. This ATM also asked for an email address and typing on a touch screen in a hurry with people behind you wanting to get their bitcoin; just a bad vibe.

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