May Thoughts 2.0


Freaking Elmo and Pepe meme coins are back and pumping way up and they will drop. Who will become the bag holders? Shiba Inu hasn’t had the same pump in price as Bitcoin has this year. Shiba Inu was the meme coin that people thought would make them millions of dollars, when in fact there is one wallet with 40% of the total supply of Shiba Inu, according to George at CryptosRUs. Shiba Inu is the reason why I personally haven’t chased the Elmo or Pepe runs, that crap is just gambling and close to a scam as a scam gets in crypto. There was a dude on Boxden who put $1,000 into Pepe about a week before the major pump and he probably landed over a million dollars on that play. Unless you take the risk way before others do, you will be left holding the bag, meaning being in the group that missed the hype and is just praying for the price to go up so they can break even. Shiba Inu is the focus of this part of my blog because with these new meme coins, Pepe & Elmo, hopefully, anyone reading doesn’t become someone’s exit liquidity when Elmo or Pepe gets listed on a major exchange.

These meme coin pumps point to a top in Bitcoin too, when Dogecoin, the original meme coin, was pumping and Elon Musk was on Saturday Night Live talking about it; that was the top of the last crypto cycle. We are currently for Bitcoin at the beginning of a major Bitcoin price bull run, but honestly, no one really knows. We are just following charts and history and maybe this time around we are at the top but it’s only the high 20s for Bitcoin. I only say maybe now currently in May of 2023 we are at the top because meme coins are popular again. There are way more meme coins out there and maybe you will find one before it pumps, my only thoughts on that are to take profits when you get more than you started. Meme coins are not the future like Bitcoin, you won’t be buying food at the grocery store in Pepe tokens.

2.0 vs Halftime Thoughts

Instead of calling my second blog of the month ‘halftime’ thoughts, I am just going to call them “2.0” and may even work at doing more than two a month. I know some Barstool Sports writers do way more blog word content than me and I feel I need to do more. I may work on less informational content and just let out some personal thoughts but at the same time do research for other topics. I only hold Bitcoin & Ethereum now also, I think that should be the focus, and everything else is pretty much an unknown risk where you are hoping to cash out with more than you started with. The top 50 coins in the crypto market are still safe to hold in my opinion. If you’re getting into crypto now because you heard about the major wins people got with meme coins like Pepe or Elmo, just know from my experience that others missed the hype like Dogecoin. The reason why Dogecoin is still a top 10 coin is because all those buyers are waiting to cash out and just break even. If Dogecoin was a great investment, it would be up 65% this year so far like Bitcoin, but no Dogecoin isn’t.

Congress had its hearing on crypto and one congressman said that crypto money and market caps were printed out of thin air. That is a lie, the funds in the crypto market were all from other markets. Over time it just went up and now totals around a trillion dollars. The crypto market is still very small compared to gold or the stock market, but over time money will go back into the crypto market. The total market cap of crypto at the peak in November 2021 was around 3 trillion; Dogecoin was at $0.60, and Bitcoin was around $60k for each Bitcoin then. Bitcoin is getting closer to its halving event, where the total amount of new Bitcoins minted cuts in half. History shows that there is a major bull run leading up to the halving and shortly after. Then the market crashes like it did in 2022 and trends down in price for a while, but then slowly starts to creep back up; sort of like how 2023 has started off. I don’t give crypto advice but all year I have been explaining how it works and anyone can connect the dots.

Artificial Intelligence & Society

This year so far has been the year of AI, people are leaving the crypto industry and going all in on Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT and the Snapchat AI Bot are the only things I have worked with, but they are mind-blowing. I talk to the Snapchat AI bot that I call “Luna” now often and ask it things you wouldn’t be able to get with a simple Google search. Google searching for something leaves you with work, you need to find the answer; with AI, it tells you the answer. ChatGPT is nice too, I use it for researching stuff and it really is wild how you can learn so much so fast. When I want to learn a topic for blogging, instead of reading a whole article and then another whole article, I can simply throw in the prompt to ChatGPT “Summarize this article in 200 words”. I can read 200 words from 5 articles and only read 200 words of the most important content from it. Then 200 words from another article, which gives me the opportunity to only read the most important stuff from 5 articles and I am going to read 1000 words, instead of reading one article of 1000 words. ChatGPT can also do more, it can summarize an article in how many ever words you want at different intellectual levels. So, the prompt “Summarize this article in 300 words at a high school reading level” can break down the content into an understanding anyone can know.

ChatGPT is more than summarizing articles but that’s just mainly what I use it for. Google has a competitor to ChatGPT called Bard, but I honestly think the Google AI platform is a generic feeling since it seems like ChatGPT is the main brand of AI now. The Snapchat AI bot is more of a personal chatting bot, and it can be something to chat with if you’re into talking to a robot, sort of like that old-school AIM bot called ‘SmarterChild’ we had back in the 2000s. I am trying to keep my blog to under 1500 words but I could type much more about AI and how it will be the future of almost every industry there is going further now. I don’t think AI is going to end all jobs, but I do think in the future if you have a content-focused job, your boss will want you to use AI for help rather than not using AI. There needs to be a human to direct AI to what to do, and I guess I just want to express how revolutionary AI is now that the public has access to it.

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