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Crypto thoughts

Travel guy on social media named Drew Binsky went to El Salvador and Bitcoin was working perfect and fine. Will that happen in America though? I think that would be different and hard to do to make Bitcoin as common thing to use. It would keep around shady shit coins for illegal activities if that happened and just would be chaos at first. If we don’t do Bitcoin for everything, then it’s a Central Bank digital dollar, which would allow that private company that randomly started in 1913 to control everything but they do already now. I used to be think ending the fed would be a good idea, but I don’t think that now. November of last year of the peak for Bitcoin, about the time Elon Musk was on SNL talking about Dogecoin and crypto. This year’s Super Bowl was another peak for Bitcoin and crypto with the commercials and people talking about crypto during that week.

Will Bitcoin be next reserve currency instead of the CBDC? I think both will happen. Will the governments try to buy up as much bitcoin as possible? I bet the CBDC for America will be portrayed in the media as patriotic and American. What will happen to all this Bitcoin though? The Fed aren’t going to want people having Bitcoin; they’ll want them having and using a central bank backed digital dollar. The wild thing that has me confussled is that what is the difference between the digital dollars on crypto exchanges now? I use my coinbase debit card sometimes to get the Ethereum back and discount on the stores and I use a digital dollar for that.

I wonder if Bitcoin and cryptos will go way low and everyone thinks a bubble popped, like in 2017 after Bitcoin peaked at $19k/coin. It then went as low at $3k/coin for a while and just went flat until this new pump that brought in alt-coins mainstream. There will be another Bitcoin halving though in early 2024; that will cause a pump leading up to that like how the previous cycles. This cycle is from the 2020 halving still, it’s gone for far now that there were Super Bowl commercials for crypto exchanges. I wonder if we’ll have a central bank backed digital dollar in America by then. The great confusion of 2025, do we use CBDC or Bitcoin?

Google Earth

I look for new buildings and development projects in the Quad Cities and then Google Earth them. I sometimes will take a screenshot for before and after they are done, taking screenshots from Google Street View has been an awesome thing I started. I can travel back to everywhere in the Quad Cities, flying above in 3D view at every angle, and then when you find a place you want to drop in; just drop into street view and get the real view like you are there. Extremely powerful tool that is always there for anyone to use. Bettendorf, Iowa has a lot going on out there in the northern part of the city out by I-80. Plus all the new stuff going on out by that new sports complex in north Davenport. Last time I was in Iowa, my Dad and I played basketball at parks there in Davenport mainly but this time I go back soon I have screenshots of parks I think would be fun to hoop at. It’s wild because I went and Google Street View’ed the 2nd Farnum Street house I lived at, but you can zoom right into the sideway and stairs. I remember playing with hot wheels out there on those steps as a kid and now I can zoom in and take photos of that whole area using the street view tool.

The South China Sea has those artificial islands way out there in the middle of the ocean, they are well developed and look like they are just grabbing up as many as they need. China doesn’t follow the 9 dash line rules like the other countries in that part of the Ocean. They feel it’s all theirs, and part of me agrees because it literally does have the “China” in the sea’s name. One thing I do now is look at all the cities and metro areas around the United States and sort of compare to the Quad Cities metro area. Davenport is a town city for some people in Iowa but then zoom out and you can see how big Davenport is compared to Des Moines or New Haven here.

The Incubator 

Still at level 16, each message in that server counts as a point and the server ranks all the people. At level 15 you become a Degen, just a role in that server. The group there in that server is small so far but I wonder how it will be over time. Every Monday the admin at that server does a crypto week in review and then on Tuesdays they do a podcast on YouTube. Since I don’t have TV channels, YouTube is what I use. There is a whole list of people or group of Incubators on Twitter also, plus the Incubator Twitter page tweets a lot, so after a while you see the same names. I don’t tweet enough to try and gain followers and have a following but I can help other pages by liking as many tweets as possible.

The Incubator has channels for different crypto topics, it’s a discord server, so you would need to sign up to discord, and then find a server. Some get swag packages for becoming a Degen, I didn’t but I also became a Degen when Degen levels were before level 15. Everyone in the server says “Gm” in the “Gm” channel; people say “Gn” also. There have been a few in the top posters that have been there for a while and then some just new and most people always welcome the new people. Then some see the server has levels and they post a lot and become a Degen fast. It took me a while because I never know what to say. I try though, to be social in the server and gain up in levels. I have discord on my phone and only really chat in the Incubator now because my parents in Connecticut have realized how positive they are compared to other groups online. The Incubator is also doing a NFT collaboration with Cryptoon Goonz now too, they gave the information about it I think in the voice chat, something I can’t do. So people might be buying Egg goon NFTs soon in the Incubator.

Be a nice human.

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