June Thoughts

The Angels pitcher is having one heck of a nice season, Shohei Ohtani. It’s odd seeing a pitcher hit so well. I remember as a kid, most little league pitchers were also some of the best hitters on the team. Same with Pony baseball and going into high school baseball. I am pumped to be into the sports card hobby again and following the teams and season somewhat as best as I care to. Dave Portnoy is all in on Safemoon, some new coin. I sold a nice Derek Jeter sold today, my largest sale ever and it’s still undervalued because the cards worth $700 but I sold for $200, minus $27 in eBay fees and then another $5 for shipping. eBay has changed also, money from sale doesn’t go right to PayPal anymore; it just goes to a bank account now.

Ethereum is used for NFTs, and it’s blockchain technology is better than bitcoin, so I heard. I called the other cryptos in my last blog “tag alongs” but some other cryptos will last alongside bitcoin. I wonder if the government will create a digital currency, backed by central banks and then everyone will rush to sell what crypto they have to buy the new “real” government backed digital coin. That was why bitcoin was made though and the government doing that would possibly create the opposite effect where bitcoin surges further in value as people hesitate to buy the new government back digital currency. China is already deep into this, and it’s going to happen in America soon. Safemoon is better than most cryptos and I would be completely into that if on Robinhood, it’s just not on Robinhood.

I had a nice Mint 8 Michael Jordan card I sold for cheap on Mercari but lost the tracking number and if you do that on Mercari; you lost the ability for them to finalize the sale which leads to that person getting my card for nothing. I could send a message saying, “please send back!” but I doubt they will respond. Mercari told me they could help if I had the tracking number, so now I don’t throw away anything. I am starting weekly auctions for cards on eBay, and just keep selling and buying. Good news: after that customer tried canceling the order; knowing they have the card already, I got pissed. I took the time to match the numbers with the addresses and found the tracking number. Told Mercari and then gave me the money right away; I think because they saw the problem happen and just helped.

Dogecoin still has some value and hype with it going on other trading platforms, so it still may hit a dollar. With only a small group holding so much of dogecoin, beware of them selling at any point to drop the price down. Alt portfolio for sports cards keeps track of your cards value every day, so it keeps track of eBay prices, and you can know when a time is to sell or keep holding the card. One thing Alt has as a negative is they sometimes randomly don’t know the value of a card.

People can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and maybe Ethereum on PayPal now, but if you have a business PayPal card, you cannot buy crypto. Square’s Cashapp, offers a whole stock buying tab, plus bitcoin, but just bitcoin. Sold a total of 37 cards this year so far. Tiktok video has been going around showing people running for cards in stores, mainly them new lame Pokémon boxes. The really only Pokémon cards I’m interested in are the original holographic, those new cards are lame. Some are nice but most are too flashy, the original ones are cool to me. The Crypto Boxden Discord group is nice; it’s like AOL all over again with different “rooms” or “hashtags”. It sort of is a crypto craze because not many are talking about buying Tesla of some cheap penny stock in the Guap section on Boxden; it’s all crypto coins. Elon talked with bitcoin miners, the major miners in North America and crypto started surging.

The auction that’s going for me now is starting off great, I listed 3 PSA Gem Mint 10 Jerry Rice cards. Someone else listed 3 Jerry Rice cards also and all 3 are way better but my cards are still nice too. Just not as great as the other dudes; I could have picked 3 better cards of mine, but I was wanting to get rid of 3 and I just happened to chose those 3.


Be a nice human.


Songs Of The Weeks:

    • MAYDAY – Bitcoin Beezy
    • AWOLNATION – The Best
    • Matt Citron – Atlanta Thrashers
    • Adele – Ill Be Waiting
    • Freddie Gibbs – God Is Perfect
    • Of Monsters And Men – Alligator
    • Blue Oyster Cult – Then Came the Last Days of May
    • B.o.B – Satellite
    • Janelle Monae – I like that
    • Rainbow Kitten Surprise – When It Lands
    • Royce Da 5’9 – Caterpiller (Ft. Eminem)
    • Ekoh – butterfly
    • Kanye West – Selah
    • Lana Del Ray – Love
    • Julia  Michaels – Undertone
    • Wavves – Baseball Cards
    • Half n Halph – Shooting Guards
    • Joyner Lucas – Zim Zimma
    • Florence + The Machine – Strangeness And Charm
    • LXST CXNTURY – Mirax
    • Angels & Airwaves – Euphoria
    • Green Day – Pollyanna
    • Apathy – Amon Raw (Ft. Pumpkinhead & Celph Titled)
    • Mike Shinoda – Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
    • Nelly – Lil Bit (Ft. Florida Georgia Line)
    • Aesop Rock – Gauze
    • NF – Time
    • J. Cole – a m a r i
    • Paramore – Ignorance
    • Apathy – Underwater (Ft. Anoyd & Chris Webby)
    • Buddy Holly – That’ll Be The Day
    • crewZ - Metatron


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