June Thoughts

Discord Servers

Discord servers have been around for a while but recently grabbing attention and popularity with the crypto and web3 crews. NFT discords all over at max level, and it seems like if you’re into NFTs you would be a part of so many. Some people think they are hiding I have noticed in the musicbanter discord. Where a member will share some things in the discord server of that website but on the website doesn’t share. The Incubator server is a nice size because it has people actually typing in the discord and being active. The Incubator has a radio channel called the lo-fi vibes, which would be cool for the BX discord I’m a moderator but just don’t know how to do that. The lo-fi vibes is different because it’s just instrumental music and you can’t change songs. For the Incubator, each message is counted and you get a score and have levels, at level 18 you’re a Degen. Some TikTok people from the miltok section have created discords too, I joined one because it has a meme channel.

Anti-crypto people online

Stephen Colbert had his fake money rant about crypto and also made some great points though too. Stephen basically explained a shit/meme coin or meme stock to everyone. Then said it’s lame how crypto follows the stock market, but I think it’s what everyone wants to happen, at least in this current time for crypto if the stock market starts to go up. This was on his May 21st show but Boxden had its angry rants all week as crypto hit its 7th red Friday in a row. Some think on a Sunday to Sunday night crypto closes since it trades 24/7; that is what is so nice about crypto that it is going 24/7 365 days. So if then for any reason you want to sell your crypto back to dollars you can right away. Musicbanter has a few people who didn’t like NFTs when I was posting NFTs online of my photos.

Ethereum Merge to 2.0

Switching from proof of work, or mining; to proof of stake. The merge, as some call it, but most are just going to care if it makes the Ethereum price go up or not. “2.0” version of Ethereum, where everything is moved from proof of work to proof of stake. Basically “holding” a certain amount and somehow that takes away the mining need. This was supposed to happen earlier this year so it could be chasing a major event. I don’t get how Ethereum has employees, or Bitcoin too if they also have employees but there is code somewhere being maintained. That Craig Wright guy with the Satoshi wallet can make the price whatever they want but buying and selling to keep stable. “2.0” version of Ethereum is supposed to be equivalent to three halvings. Meaning the supply will shorten and demand may rocket to Jupiter’s moons. Will the triple halving even have an effect on the market, possibly pumping Bitcoin and alt-coins? If a normal halving for Bitcoin pumps a whole buying cycle, then an Ethereum one may. Plus staking at the same time would just create hype for crypto. CNBC does a crypto world video every day and I share that with in the news channel of the BX discord server.

Crypto Ponders & NFTs

Bitcoin has been in a level spot the past week after that previous drop further down. I can see the news networks share how crypto is low now, in a way to get people to buy in. That seemed to happen and Bitcoin has been around the $30k/coin. It’s a crypto bear market but a lot of people just want to know if it’s over already when they normally last years. And influencers don’t know if crypto will go back up with the stock market or fizzle out. The “buy the dip” saying goes away in a bear market because it’s pretty level price. It just becomes a savings or accumulation of that crypto. All 2020 was a bear market and bitcoin dropped below $5k/coin, and for people that believed in its future were rewarded with that last run at the end of 2021.

Gary Vee had his VeeCon conference this past week and it seemed like a his NFTs are definitely blue chip NFTs, some are even PSA graded too. His Vee friends are all discord server icons so you can use them in other servers, that’s such a good idea for as popular discord servers have got. NFTs are cheaper now with Ethereum being pretty low than when NFTs had their main hype. That hype hasn’t died in the Incubator where they chat about NFTs all day. The Incubator team does a NFT podcast/show now on YouTube on Thursdays now; I share it to the BX discords NFT channel. Cryptoon Goonz portal happened, looks like you send the cryptoon goon you already own into a generator that turns it into a different vaporwave type cartoon character. They look cool too but it’s just wild how much NFTs sell for.


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