June Halftime Thoughts

The Midwest America has lots and open land, can’t America harvest solar power with tons of solar panel farms. They have them in China, they even make art out of the solar panels. Like a bunch of solar panels shaped into a huge panda bear. It’s the coolest stuff ever and America may have lots of solar farms I don’t know about, but it just seems like there could be more. I told people at Boxden about the new eBay payment system and got some props, but others said they been using the new system for months. Trying to stay on topic with just Sports cards and crypto, but I guess AMC stock went way up and Robinhood halted trading. I don’t think that’ll ever happen with crypto because everyone knows crypto is manipulated, supposedly that’s not allow in the stock market. That’s what I tried talking about in my last blog about how the Federal Reserve will create a Fed Coin and be backed by a central bank but then what would happen to Bitcoin? Or Ethereum, they have too much to just drop to zero. Got 45 Views on my newest music video on YouTube, that’s an awesome feeling. It’s inviting the whole world into my world; I do an audio video plus a video with music once I get about 2 or 3 minutes of video, I create a video. I even started doing effects on the clips last videos. I drop two at a time because I work on an audio video and a music video at the same time. Debating if this clip goes into the audio folder for that video or then music video folder for that video. I try to save the audios ones with family of course but sometimes I have enough for both videos.

Some dude on CNBC was saying this crypto craze is a bubble and similar to the 1990s tech bubble. Guess what though, tech still around and got side plans to going to space, literally to the moon. My Jerry Rice 3 card lot ends in about 2 hours, it’s at $41 for 3 PSA Jerry Rice 1990s cards. I bought an investment lot of 11 PSA 10s, reselling the ones I don’t want and selling the most valuable ones individually on eBay, Mercari, & my Website. I don’t do Facebook Marketplace anymore, or until I fix it for just shipping. I checked out selling artwork as NFTs on OpenSea, it has gas fees though. I never heard of those fees but it’s for Ethereum and I don’t want to pay $25 each time I want to sell an NFT. That’s all the effort I’m putting into NFTs now too, maybe eBay and Shopify or Amazon will branch into NFTs, but I don’t see my artwork selling for lot of Ethereum.

So the FBI took back crypto, I always wondered why law enforcement never used blockchain technology to their advantage. The computer for mining got here, it had a ‘good’ Wi-Fi antenna USB, but it wasn’t enough to pick up the two 5G networks I use. So I will go after learning how to connect multiple GPUs to one computer. That’s how the professional bedroom miners do it, they start with one GPU, get it earning bitcoin or whatever crypto you’re mining, then connect more to earn more as time goes on. I’ll try to explain crypto mining. Every 10 minutes a ledger updates with all the transactions to add and that were made, and it takes math problems called hashes, to do these math problems and if your computer is helping you earn a small portion, every 10 minutes. I’ll get started when I get back from Iowa. Just a computer running all times, earning bitcoin. I am going to track earnings every day at noon, 7 days a week and transfer what I made to my Bitcoin wallet. I may mine Dogecoin if I can earn more for that also.

But with Bitcoin as low as it’s going to get, I believe, the earnings go up as the price goes up in value too. I guess Bitcoin needs to hit $42k a coin to break this current dip downtrend. It almost got there last night. I will be in the Quad Cities again after this blog, I will probably work on a blog there though still. Satoshi Nakamoto translated into Japanese means “Central Intelligence”; a Satoshi is also the name of the smallest unit of Bitcoin. So when I actually do get another computer connected here, it’ll be earning satoshis. I started another Snapchat group, after a sort of childish fight in the first Snapchat group that’s been going for a long time now.  I wonder where I’ll connect to the internet but will also have a mobile hotspot, but that stuff drains your battery and phones aren’t really made for it.

Be a nice human.

Be the change you want to see.


Songs Of The Weeks:

  • Nas & Damian Marley – Friends
  • Nelly – Hot In Herre (X-Ecutioners Remix)
  • Soccer Mommy – Indie Rokkers
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Matchbox
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
  • Matt Citron – Save Our Home
  • Barclay Crenshaw – Artifacts (Ft. The Underachievers)
  • Creed – Higher
  • Proof – Oil Can Harry
  • Nelly – Over And Over (Ft. Tim McGraw)
  • Juicy J – Take it (Ft. Rico Nasty & Lord Infamous)
  • Linkin Park – Final Masquerade
  • Glass Animals – Tokyo Drifting (Ft. Denzel Curry)
  • Langhorne Slim – The Way We Move
  • Mountain – Mississippi Queen
  • EARTHGANG – Powered Up
  • Lana Del Ray – Gods & Monsters
  • Hippie Sabotage – Your Soul
  • The Presidents Of The United States – Peaches
  • 6LACK – Pretty Little Fears (Ft. J. Cole)
  • SAINt JHN – Trophies
  • J. Cole – Work Out
  • Skiddalz - Shotgun
  • The Underachievers – See Through
  • Jaden – Rainbow Bap
  • Jack White – That Black Bat Licorice
  • Coldplay – Speed of Sound
  • Nas & Damian Marley – Patience
  • Linkin Park – LOST IN THE ECHO
  • Yelawolf – Mud Mouth
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside
  • Nirvana – In Bloom
  • WZRD (Kid Cudi) – Teleport 2 Me



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