July Thoughts

The train ride was different but not that bad. It took a while to finally get here to the Quad Cities, but I made it here into Galesburg where Nina & my Dad were waiting for me. Really nice to have parents here that can pick me up and let me visit with them for the time I am here.

China doesn’t want any more mining bitcoin there so all the miners are leaving for other places to mine that have better electricity. Texas will become the mining capital on America, I heard lots of miners are headed to Florida also. I sold a bunch of cards also before I left for Iowa, 52 cards sold this year. I tried explaining mining and cryptocurrency to my Dad here in Iowa, he doesn’t seem to see the value in creating currency out of electricity.

Today here in Davenport, Iowa was fun. It was with my Dad here in Iowa. We went hooping at different parks here and played 6 games today. It was lots of good cardio and just overall fun. Got to see the new I-74 bridge and wow are there are tons of new development that I hadn’t seen. Plus driving around Davenport has been cool. I been running around Vanderveer park and just doing cardio from basketball and then running once in the morning and once in the evening. Went to QC Antiques like I wanted to, and they had only 2 PSA cards and I bought both at half off. A 1961 Yankees Team card plus a Derek Jeter rookie Mint 9, 1994 rookie though. Derek Jeter rookie cards are from 1992 to 1994 for some odd reason. I am going to the card shop on Harrison Street where I used to go as a kid. Went there and they had zero PSA cards for sale which is about what I remembered just wondered if I never noticed the PSA cards as a kid when I went there. It was the same guy also who I would trade cards to as a kid. Of course he didn’t remember me, but I remembered him, just the way he dealt with selling and buying. Extremely fair, because we went in looking for any 3D cards and he has a complete set of the 1974 Kellogg’s, which was the exact set my Dad was wanting, and he had it and only charged $100. Cards were in mint condition and just overall a great experience at the card shop. I took video and we are going back to ask him if he has any 3D NFL sets. We went back and my Dad bought a 3rd complete set of old 3D Kellogg’s cards.

No canned cold coffee at Hy Vee, so I am back on ultra-Monsters but that’s fine, I’ll go back to coffee when I get back to Connecticut. I left the other Snapchat group, only the 2 FIC members in that new group were mainly active. I still want to create a new group, just recruiting new people takes time, I made that second group and didn’t realized who likes trump or who likes Biden. We are the divided states of America still, trumpies think orange tan man is on Jesus level of worship, like pictures of orange tan next to family photos.

Went hooping again today, so far at 10 courts around Davenport. Plus then went to Apple Bees food place with Nina and my Dad, I got an awesome meal, and it was fun. We watched an odd movie about 1922 but it was nightmare fuel and that sucks. I been taking videos of everything and will post a video of the whole time I was here. We watched some baseball today also which was awesome because I rarely get to watch highlights on a tv, I just see the YouTube videos when in Connecticut.

Bought some 1974 Kellogg’s 3D baseball cards today after my Dad here in Iowa bought the complete set of the 1974 3D Kellogg’s cards. I’ve been seeing the new development here in Davenport and today my Dad and I went to Michael Sports World and hit some baseballs. I did alright, better than I thought but not as good as I wanted. Some softball girl was there smashing homeruns left and right. It has been a blessing seeing parents out here care for me and want to see me. I honestly believe your ancestors protect you on your journey through life, think of all the people it took for you to be here on Earth. I have been looking into my family history here because my Dad knows absolutely everything there is to know about the McDevitt family history. We are thinking about going to John McDevitt’s grave in Clinton, Iowa, that would be amazing for my spirit and then to my grandpa grave on the government island here in the Quad Cities. Change of plans, going to Arkansas for the rest of the trip. Should be different, I will get to see Kim, haven’t seen her since I last saw my grandpa and Mike back in 2007 at my graduation party. I went into the Marine Corps after that and just never been to see Kim. She has a whole family there now with two daughters and a husband.

I bought this cool shirt I like from the OAF Nation Instagram page with guns and flowers on it and got 3 people saying they like it already. I need a green shirt and might buy another from him. Just found the cards that I couldn’t find in Connecticut and thought I threw away but found them. Found the 1992 Topps Derek Jeter mini card, that should auction off for a decent price because it’s the rarest Derek Jeter rookie there is. I wouldn’t say the most expensive but the rarest. I found all my cards I was missing, plus probably 200 raw Jerry Rice cards I may just auction off at 12 at a time. I bought a Pete Rose card and did some further research into his scandal in 1986. I thought he was just striking out on purpose, but he was the manager betting against his team. Sad stuff but I honestly don’t think he should be banned forever.

Be a nice human.

Be the change you want to see




 Songs Of The Weeks:

  • The Band – Up On Cripple Creek
  • Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed – Legend
  • Nirvana – All Apologies
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion                            
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue
  • Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  • Glass Animals – Heat Waves – Stripped Back
  • Linkin Park – Castle Of Glass (M. Shinoda Remix)
  • Of Monsters & Men – Destroyer
  • DJ Shadow – Drone Warfare (Feat. Nas & Pharoahe Monch)
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Was I Right Or Wrong
  • Ninet Tayeb  - Paper Parachute
  • Cage The Elephant – James Brown
  • Portugal. The Man – So American
  • Mike Shinoda – Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
  • Matt Citron – Atlanta Thrashers
  • Kanye West – Selah
  • Julia Michaels – Undertone
  • NF – Time
  • Sia – Elastic Heart
  • Wordsplayed – Against All Adz
  • Coldplay – Major Minus
  • MGMT – Love Always Remains
  • Linkin Park – One More Light (Steve Aoki Chester Forever Remix)
  • MGMT – The Handshake
  • Billy Joel – Vienna
  • U2 – The Troubles
  • Elton John – The Bitch Is Back
  • French Montana – Salam Alaykum
  • Young The Giant – Superposition
  • Ekoh - Butterfly
  • Weezer -  Everybody Get Dangerous

 No Videos this week, next blog will have new Quad Cities trip videos.

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