July Halftime Thoughts

Ruja Ignatova

Cryptoqueen, Ruja Ignatova; basically had her own alt-coin scam going and scammed out 4 billion dollars from people. Ignatova has talks on YouTube talking about One coin, her coin; being the top crypto in the world. Now the FBI is going after her but it could all just be a fake news situation. Wonder why it was put in the news now compared to before?  It really isn’t much compared to Do Kwon’s Terraluna situation of a 60 billion scam. Ruja, according to the wiki says her OneCoin was a Ponzi scheme, so how many out there are also? Ruja has a PhD in private international law, so this just gives off alternative fact fake news type of vibes but there is videos of her speaking on YouTube. She rug pulled the coin and my opinion basically is that the US government went after her because they wanted people to buy Bitcoin and not her coin. Bitcoin is where the crypto is, Ethereum is good too but most alt coins haven’t even been around that long.

 Crypto ponders of the week

With this recent drop in crypto prices, especially Ethereum, it’s lowered the amount to start staking at 32 Ethereum. From what I have seen online, it takes 32 Eth to stake when the merge happens. So if you were wanting to stake in the future when Ethereum switches to proof of stake; you would have been able to buy your Ethereum for low price compared to a higher price for 32 Ethereum later on. Proof of work is mining, and Ethereum is switching to proof of stake; holding or locked in amount of Ethereum. More defi platforms are going down, the Incubator did their video o more defi places stealing people’s money and falling apart. VOA did a new video on proof of work to proof of stake, VOA is the American state ran media outlet. According to VOA, Ted Cruz wants to make Texas the crypto capital on the world, but my question is; do you still need a small number of miners when everything is switched to proof of stake?

“Spooky action at a distance” not what Einstein thought about particles but on crypto exchanges or places to buy cryptocurrency. The “US Dollar” asset name went to “United States Dollar” right in front of me as I was looking at the screen. All the debit card machines in grocery stores and gas stations will have to change if crypto becomes legal tender. Tom Brady is back with another crypto commercial, has one of those flamethrowers like Elon Musk sells in the video. Basically a video for FTX, a crypto exchange, I don’t use it but the MLB has their logo on umpire shirts. Coinbase is coming out with a subscription service, but one nice thing they did was take away the USDC amount or US Dollar amount if you don’t have any. If one were to use the app/platform, where is it better to have just a bank funds for cash? USDC or US Dollar; same thing basically.


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