July Halftime Thoughts

Went down to Arkansas to see sister Kim, visited her family, and got to see her town there. It reminded me of a southern Bettendorf. We went to some antique shops there and found a PSA 10 mystery card pack for $15. I bought it and opened at the hotel later that night and the value doesn’t show up. eBay has never sold one the card so there is no value. My Dad bought me a Davenport Monopoly board game that is really cool. I may just keep it sealed up, Connecticut folks won’t see the value in the game besides my Mom or sister Eleni.

Last day here in Iowa, Nina printed out my train paper thingy; being here is way different. We drove to Galesburg and then walked around the antique store downtown there by the train station before I left. I took some more video and photos and visit with Nina and Dad before I got on train. It was really nice of them to let me visit and just hang out the whole time I was there.

Right now in Chicago at the train station waiting to leave for Washington D.C and then back up the east coast to home. I get into Old Saybrook around 530am on the 8th and that will let me have a day where I can upload all my new cards and open the stuff I mailed there.

So at the hotel my Dad and I stayed at on our way to Arkansas I saw a Shohei Ohtani card for $38, cosmic prism card and just too cheap to try and not flip for three times that much in auction on just resell. So I bought it and then the guy says about 3-4 hours later, “Sorry about that, I meant that to be the starting bid and $64 is the buy now price”.  I was extremely mad because it was already paid for, and I thought I bought it because I did. He just said “out of stock” as a way to not sell for so cheap. He offered to sell for $64 but I was too mad and just got over it and moved onto the trip with Dad. I found a Shohei Ohtani, should be able to resell like the others I have already with him going into all-star weekend with tons of homers plus pitching. His pitching performance when we watched at Nina’s was him at Yankee stadium and he sucked. Sucked at pitching that game but still hit 6 home runs that week!

Train rides are nice if it’s not packed but sleeping on a train sucks. They have sleeper carts but it’s a lot of money. The Washington D.C train station was better than Chicago’s, even though Chicago has an amtrack business lounge, Washington station just flows better. They had a Walgreens that was a full Walgreens in the lower level of the station, bought some energy drinks for tomorrow. Shohei Ohtani hit number 32 today while I was on the train, I feel like my grandfather during the season Sosa and McGwire both broke Roger Maris’s single season homerun record. It just feels natural for me for this Angels pitcher from Japan to break the record. If they continue to let him hit, he will hit 62! That’s the magic number for a player without steroids to hit. Having 32 before the all-star game puts him in that position to be legendary and most didn’t know who he was last year.  Woke up the morning of news he hit number 33, my rookie card of him arrived that morning also. Found a 3 card lot of Shaq rookies, one is a mint 9 Topps 1992. Two others are lower value rookies, and I am auctioning off one right when it gets here.

Watched some of the Home run Derby and some of the All-Star game on Twitch but didn’t watch the whole show.

Be a nice human.

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