January Halftime Thoughts

Crypto Ponders:

Kazakhstan’s Crypto Miners went down after the country turned off the internet, yeah that’s a thing. That dropped hash rates for mining a lot and the price went down but that also just means that other miners get a bigger payout daily. There is a full blown revolution going on in Kazakhstan and the countries Army is firing live rounds on protestors, with Russia sending in troops. It “started” after people in the country were upset over high fuel prices and it turned into taking over government buildings down Jan. 6th style. Imagine being a 34 year old crypto miner thinking you’re going to get that Bitcoin mining reward and then you see the whole internet goes down because there is a revolution going on outside. The United States government has never turned off the internet purposely I think would that ever happen here? Maybe to stop the spread of misinformation?

The Federal Reserve will release a CBDC, a central bank digital currency and people will be confused and for a while so many currencies and will people even care? Stablecoins online give money to you for holding them there and banks do not do that. Holding stablecoins for the interest is called “farming” when some give a reward every day and every week. Wonder what 2024 presidential candidate thinks about Bitcoin or Ethereum? This next presidential campaigns will be NFT and crypto wild since the next election is going to be in 2024. Who’s buying the Joe Biden NFT, what does that NFT give you? Will Trump run again also because remember he thinks he won’t the previous election he lost. I bet the Trump NFT collection will be epic and these NFTs will bring more into crypto plus bring more crypto acceptance around the country.

Nas is starting to sell the royalties of his songs as NFTs to fans, through a company called Royal. Eminem bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, one of those fancy membership NFTs. No hate I got one too, just a sports card one. Shaq bought a Ethereum domain name also and Meek Mill seemed excited about NFTs and crypto on Twitter. Samsung smart TVs will be able to buy/sell/trade NFTs on your TV soon. Which makes sense because you can then display them on your wall in your home rather than a computer or phone screen.

Web 3 & Discord Servers:

Elon Musk said he didn’t really understand web3 on a podcast where there is video on YouTube of it, I didn’t understand it right away also. That’s because it’s a completely new concept, for some people it’s a new way of work. I saw a TikTok saying how people are leaving their web2 jobs to work 24/7 in web3.

The Incubator, a discord server, is creating a community online that needs to be typed about. MacNcheeasy & Jesse Friedland, plus all the Degens at the server just have a community that is building and growing. We all tell each other goals we are working on, and they even meet up every Monday in the discord to chat. I main just share what goals though, but like how MacNcheeasy said in his latest video, “Discords are like the office space of web3”. I know some people in these NFT discords that take their roles and membership so serious it’s a job for them; and depending on what you’re doing, it is. The Incubator has a programming channel, where people can share thoughts on languages or web3 learning. It seems the programming language that people see worth learning right now seems to be Solidity, I heard somewhere that Javascript is still needed for web3. Solidity is the language for smart contracts on Ethereum’s blockchain, and I checked out the course the Incubator posted about Solidity. I did the first lesson, just coding a smart contract but it was a zombie character for a game. I am learning Javascript though, not Solidity; Javascript is still pretty hard for me though at the end of the course. I am doing the Javascript course on FreeCodeCamp a few times until I understand it. 

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