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National Security Risk or Government Fed Coin

The Biden crew are wanting to end crypto citing a national security risk, and they are just preparing to prepare for regulation. Something like what happened in China before they actually banned it. It could be where states individually make Bitcoin a legal tender before the whole United States does; which would make things really weird. If the Fed is going to make a coin, are people even going to care about Bitcoin when there is a Federal Reserve coin that everyone knows works? I read online that the Federal Reserve Coin or United states digital dollar will take 5 to 10 years to finally rollout from now.

Tether; a stablecoin, is what is causing the problem for the government in my opinion. I don’t think stablecoins were as big for cryptocurrency’s last wave. This time we have stablecoins and they are printing dollars like wildness. Basically along with the Fed to keep their stablecoins a dollar like the real dollar. Discord going down last week is also a crypto thing because a lot of NFT communities all meet up and operate on discord servers. The Incubator is incubating, they are finished with the Jump Start January, tonight is an episode they do online. Anyone reading, the link is on my Twitter or just DM, I’ll send the invite lank.

Russia’s central bank is starting to ban crypto or is wanting to; but also Putin backs Bitcoin mining; it’s confusing. With the dipping crypto has been doing; people online have been buying the dip, but it dips further. Some are trying to play the sell for more now and buy more amount back once it dips further. One thing I thought to myself recently was “how many currencies does one need?” This crypto token/coin market has got so big recently, it feels like a bubble popping. With as much mainstream adoption with Ethereum domain names & NFTS; I think 2022 has many pumps, not just one long pump towards to end of the year how everyone thought Bitcoin would just magically be $100k a coin by December 2021.


Will 2022 be the biggest year in crypto history? When gold ETFs were listed on the stock exchanges around 2007 they went way up. Will be the same for Bitcoin ETFs this year? If they are approved though, there are a few I guess, and the first deadline is March 2022. I wonder if gold slowly goes into Bitcoin over time if that happens. The price for Bitcoin would pump and it would eventually go higher than the all-time high of $69k/coin for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is digital gold, with a limited supply that gets mined compared to how gold has new gold found somehow every day, according to that TV show where they mine gold. Someone I follow on TikTok signed up to Decentraland and really proved to people who haven’t yet, that it’s nothing to rush towards with excitement. The metaverse will be on augmented reality sunglasses or a headset, or both. Apple has a goal for this I bet, something like google glasses way back that no one cared about because it looked too weird. Augmented reality will be able to show NFTs you own because NFTs are not going anywhere soon.

Coinbase still hasn’t released its NFT platform and Robinhood hasn’t released crypto wallets or added more crypto to their platform. The Bitcoin drop from $69k/coin in November or so, to now where it was $38k/coin last I checked has been somewhat a mind wrap. People kept saying Bitcoin to $100k/coin, while it was just going down and down every week. Twitter also has special NFT profile photo designs but that’s for people wanting to show off jpegs.

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