February Thoughts

I sometimes miss living at the apartment in Davenport, Iowa. The group home I lived in while living in Saint Cloud, Minnesota was interesting, it was other veterans and lots of crazy events happened with the other veterans there. So with all the Dr. Joe Dispenza stuff I read online, it’s all about training your subconscious the thoughts you want to trigger what you want in life. I watched the football game tonight and am excited to see Tom Brady at the Super Bowl when it plays. I texted with my sister Kim in Arkansas also tonight, which was nice. Tom Brady has some outrageous sports cards prices; I’m waiting for a graded Bernie Sanders to pop up on eBay. 


Decided that I was going to type a review of Mumford & Sons album instead of Florence and the Machine album and that was a big deal for me. Typing about one album was all bad memories and the other not so much, just better times with family. I wish I could be in two places at once and see family in Iowa but just can’t living in Connecticut. Mumford and Sons is a better band to type about then Florence and the Machine, that “Ceremonials” album is pretty weird with some of the lyrics. That week the McDevitt family went to the beach house on Lake Michigan was nice, I wish I were able to be in Iowa and Connecticut at the same time. Has social media made us all closer? Or further apart?


Today we went to the Verizon store in Norwich, Connecticut; I actually got a new phone. This was big news in my world because I do not understand how switching phones works. I had a rough time installing the apps on the new phone but only the neighbors heard me. Had to get all the apps installed over and all my screenshots didn’t transfer over!


I put 6 items directly for sale on the website thinking that my lead to more sales, but I am mainly using my website as a blog now. Twitter isn’t as fun with Trump gone; it was entertaining to read his interesting thoughts about everything all the time. I been on online forums since around 2003 or 2004. It started with D12world.com that formed into Rapbasement.com. I was selected for admin at Nellyplanet.net, then started Purleyhiphop.com in 2005 with a guy in India who gave me all control of the website. I still to this day don’t know who or why they let me admin two websites at such a young age back then. Roq, the guy in India who operated the back end stuff for purelyhiphop.com gave me the freedom or deciding all front end HTML for the website. Plus gave me a “forum” which I blasted all over the internet. I met people from all over the world, in high school. Still to this day friends online with them. I was mod at a forum called Anotha.com also way back in high school when they saw I was administrator for purelyhiphop.com.


People like Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park or Kevin Parker from Tame Impala are my favorite rock stars, they make the whole album themselves. I have recently understood Kevin Parker is main dude behind Tame Impala. I still listen to Linkin Park albums a lot also, recently got back into Tame Impala’s newest album. I won’t type much about bitcoin, but bitcoin miners make it all possible.


So boxden is a website I post on, Ronnie makes my posts “Hot Topics” if they get a couple comments right away or are literally become a “Hot Topic”. But I can’t just post anything to boxden, it’s got to have some value. The social media algorithms have been off crazy, Rihanna song popped up on mom’s car when I was with her and then at the phone store too with the U2 song choice.  I am adding this dudes from 4th dimension podcast plus Joe Rogan’s podcast to the podcast list. I do not listen to them yet, just feel they are worth sharing. The Grammys are coming up soon and I would vote for kid Cudi for album of the year.


Be a nice human.

Psych Pop-Rock Album Highlight

Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

Tame Impala - The Slow Rush.png

Tame Impala is liked by so many artists and every album is full of great songs. The album has a trance like feel where you can just vibe from track one to the end of the album. I was listening to Tame Impala’s “Currents” album in 2014 when mining bitcoin but just thought of that since this new album “The Slow Rush” came out. With streaming services it’s hard to do that now days because you have to click next track but this album vibes through it. “Lost In Yesterday” has a nice vibe to it, I woke up in the middle of the night to type more about this album and this song and album has song titles that fit the theme. “Tomorrow’s Dust” also is a reference to time, and now that I am thinking of it; lots of the album is time themed. Even the cover of the album has sand collecting in this room and that is a reference to time and how sand would if there were to be a house in the desert. The cover of the album is sand collecting and that is time symbolism, the sand will collect. “Breathe Deeper” on this album is a nice because it reminds of the most important thing going on, breathing.

Tame Impala is a band that started out with drumming sounds with a 1960’s vibe, then to 2014’s “Currents” where it was way more electronic. Their “Lonerism” album is another album like a lot but has that 1960’s vibe still on that one also. That album was getting lots of plays when I stayed in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, then “Currents” album in Des Moines. When the band released “Currents”, that was the album that expanded them into more mainstream, I think. The album was released in 2020, and probably one of the top albums of the year. It was 5 years from the release of “Currents” album to this new one here, and “Currents” was more of a genre changing album. The band's lead singer, Kevin Parker, blends the older type of singing into more psychedelic type songs.

The album is 57 minutes and is nice having longer songs in an age where everyone is making 2 - 3 minute songs is different. The song “Glimmer” is sort of instrumental and is the shortest song on the album. The Japanese bonus track title “patience” is pretty good, fits on theme with this disco or dance vibe the whole album has. Did Kevin Parker just create the album himself? The bouncing drums on “It might be time” probably take it for the best song on the album.

New Musical Express says about the album "This is a 57-minute flex of every musical muscle in Parker’s body. Crunchy guitars are largely absent, but we're left with something far more intriguing – a pop record bearing masterful electronic strokes. If Currents soundtrack the glorious come-up, The Slow Rush is the wobbly morning after, with everything and everyone under question." according to the wiki page of this album. I completely agree with that quote, this album blends genres and seems timeless to where it could be listened to in 20 years and still give off positive vibes.

7 Song Album:

  • One More Year
  • Tomorrow’s Dust
  • Breathe Deeper
  • It Might Be Time
  • Posthumous Forgiveness
  • One More Hour
  • On Track

Alternative Rock Highlight

Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind

Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind (2015, CD) | Discogs

This “Wilder Mind” album was released while I was in Des Moines, Iowa, and sort of has given me the option to type about albums in the better times in life rather than typing about albums in the darker times in life. The cover art for this album is the ultra-awesome place to sit and vibe. Parks that have benches overlooking parts of the city are designed by awesome people. “Only Love” and “The Wolf” stand out as probably the best songs. The album does have a sound similar to their other albums but this one seems a bit faster tempo. Mumford & Sons have an awesome sound that has a folk rock vibe but still has some harder drumbeats. The place we stayed at when I first heard of this band was a lake house on lake Michigan and my grandmother rented the place for us to stay there. I got the folk-rock vibes then but with this album it’s more drum sounding to where someone could drum to the songs more. This album has been with me more than I thought also, and I am choosing to type about albums that brought me happiness rather than albums. Mumford and Sons is totally folk rock, but this album seemed more rockstar type than other albums with the first single being “The Wolf”, having a fast drum tempo.

This is the band’s 3rd studio album and was released in 2015 and I have listened to “Believe” so many times because its placement on a Spotify playlist of mine. This album was sort of a different sound into rock music also, not as folk sounding and more alternative rock sounding. “Ditmas” was released as a 3rd single, “Tompkins Square Park” a 4th single and “Just Smoke” as a 5th single and I am wondering where these singles are getting played. The days of buying singles as CDs are over because no one has Sony Walkman disc players anymore and just stream music through Apple of Spotify.

 It seems like a nice place to sit and vibe with someone for a while, the place in this cover art. It’s such a dramatic change from “Believe” then to the song “The wolf” with more of hard drum patterns. This album has more “rock n roll” sounds than other previous albums from the band. The and preformed “The Wolf” off this album on SNL in 2015.

7 Song Album:

  • The Wolf
  • Tompkins Square Park
  • Believe
  • Just Smoke
  • Only Love
  • Monster
  • Wilder Mind


Songs of the Weeks:

  • Eddie Vedder - Society
  • Garbage, Screaming Females - Because the Night
  • Bow Anderson - New Wave
  • Glass Animals - Toes
  • Parsonsfield - Footsteps in My Ears
  • Lana Del Ray - Doin' Time
  • Twenty One Pilots - The Hype
  • Bush - Glycerine
  • Screaming Females - Glass House
  • Young the Giant - Superposition
  • Foals - Mountain at My Gates
  • U2 - Discotheque
  • Tame Impala - Music To Walk Home By


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