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Web1, was humans going on dial-up internet reading information. Looking at images, but mainly just text communication and not able to share one article to a feed of yours. That is when web2 came along after that letting us share one thing with another website. Web2 was us giving information to the internet and them giving it back in feeds and notifications. Web2 some call online the age of targeted users, like the Facebook ads I ran for Shhon’s Stuff website or Another Man’s Treasure, my parent's business. Another thing is that in Web2 people developed different feeds for things like YouTube or Facebook. My experience on Web2 is different than yours because those cool apps we all like give our information to advertisers. Web2 is evil, it’s the social dilemma problem in society now, of us just willingly giving companies our data for them to sell and for advertising companies to do whatever they want with.

Owning your data will be something people look towards; I wonder if technically I even own my Instagram photos because I have made them NFTs. Web3 will have the tools of decentralization, sort of like what that whole show “Silicon Valley” was about; or the company they were working on in that show. It’s now in the future where that stuff is happening, and Facebook wants to be the leader. Think of that for a second, a really large human data company wants to brush off whistleblower alerts and just launch into the metaverse and Web3. And Facebook is not decentralized, I heard Mark Zuckerberg owns the most stock, so he says what happens. I left a Ted Talk from 2018 at the end if you’re interested in more information about Web3, blockchain tech, or just crypto in the future.


Thanksgiving came, people probably talked with their family about Bitcoin or most likely some random coin they made money with. There has been a downtrend but on thanksgiving, everything was up and so it looked good to new people who think buying on the green is good. The Crypto market went down the day after Thanksgiving, so all those new crypto users are most likely down on their investment/transaction. Coinbase went down for about 40 minutes the other day and it was wild, but it came back. Decentraland, the coin you buy metaverse land with has been going up though, and also the crypto. com coin. I found out there are people tracking crypto waves with the moon cycles each month, it doesn’t really prove or show much but there are people tracking it. Hilary Clinton came out of the woods and told some reporters she feels crypto can destabilize nations; well no shit Hilary! I have been wondering if this cycle in crypto will be a supercycle and extend into 2022, a few folks in the Incubator think a supercycle will happen. I forget stock traders are now in crypto with those ETFs they have been doing; they are probably trying to make Bitcoin go as low as possible and then high as possible. One thing someone at the Incubator discord server pointed out was that there are a large number of events that could trigger a demand for digital assets. By the time Biden is leaving office, the 2024 halving for Bitcoin will be happening, hold a bit. Plus if or when cashapp releases hardware wallets for crypto then that will leak it more into the mainstream. And then the big one, the legal tender announcement. The Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, resigned from Twitter, everyone online is wondering what he does next, maybe focuses on Square & Cashapp?


Stable coins have their purpose, I had to find it myself because I knew I was missing something with Tether becoming the 3rd largest crypto. I don’t have any Tether, but you can earn interest on USDC, United States Digital Coin, it doesn’t go into the US Dollar account but the digital coin. If you get paid in crypto for work, then you don’t need a bank account and can transfer funds into dollars at any time. With stablecoins, it’s stable; $1.00 stays $1.00. Well, that is how it’s supposed to be but also can be a place to store profits and buy back into a position at a better price. @theblockchainboy had a TikTok explaining how Tether is a ticking bomb because of how big it is; he said he doesn’t hold any. One thing that stablecoins and digital crypto wallets provide is a bank for the bankless in the world. I would rather go with the USDC over Tether, simply because of the United States in the name. It may be what the Federal Reverse makes legal tender first over Bitcoin, and the government treats Bitcoin and alt-coins like stocks rather than currency. Not sure honestly; thats why I wanted to type about stablecoins on this blog; it’ll be interesting seeing their market cap rise and more money flow into them. Stablecoins can be a savings account and basically blockchaining dollars. Yes, I just verb’ed the word blockchain. I don’t have many USDC, but I could see people with large amounts flavoring the speed of transfer.

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