December Halftime Thoughts

Web3 & Metaverse:

Do you own anything yet in the metaverse? There is more than one so maybe you’re already in a metaverse and don’t know it. There will be a huge expansion of metaverses into the mainstream in 2022, going further. Decentraland is one, I haven’t signed up and don’t see a need yet but with as much as I love maps and google earth, it may be something I do eventually. I would love seeing how much some properties in the Quad Cities are selling for on Decentraland. The coin or currency in that metaverse is called Decentraland, MANA, and what we talked about in the Incubator discord server was that if the Decentraland token goes up in price then so does your land in everything in the Decentraland metaverse. I see the graphs with all the web3 companies and how it’s an evolution from companies like Google, Facebook, or Twitter but I honestly don’t see those large tech companies going away. One thing about web3 is that some people don’t even know there is another option other than web2, the large tech companies rule web2. We just press “accept” terms and conditions on these web2 apps and man if we only knew what they did with that information. BitHotel is a metaverse with retro graphics and it’s somewhat of a networking game. That BitHotel isn’t up yet I think but coming soon. I typed what Web3 is on my last blog in a small section, but I’ll probably focus on Web3 news and updates in a section of my blog. There is a coin called Civic, which is a web3 coin and what it does is protect your identity in the metaverse.


Dec. 6th news came out that CIA has started several projects on crypto, and one could possibly be called “Zcash”; but I honestly thought CIA invented Bitcoin. According to the news last week, some Australian dude named Craig Wright did. That guy ended up getting the satoshi wallet as inventor now also, which is a lot of crypto. There is a project coming out also for Muslims who don’t invest in crypto because of sharia law. The project is called Marhaba and will just bring so many people into the crypto space because there really aren’t that many crypto holders compared to the number of people in the world. After further thinking about how congress was talking to people who understand the crypto markets well, they pointed out how some people in congress don't understand crypto at all. I learned something from those Coinbase CEOs though, which is how stablecoins are for people who don’t have a dollar bank account. I just assumed anyone could open a bank account but maybe not so much in other countries. One congressman pointed out how crypto isn’t a threat to the dollar because the dollar is what all exchanges decided to back their accounts with. Crypto ads will be allowed on Facebook now too if you’re still into Facebook. The dude in congress had the time to talk to crypto exchange CEOs and just rambled on about how one coin can replace another. It seems like all alt-coins are just waiting to see what Bitcoin does, but then sometimes a random coin will moon everyday.


The Incubator discord server sent out a coding course to everyone there, it’s blockchain and web3 stuff. I checked it out and did the first course, it was pretty hard for me, and would need months and months to learn Solidity, that programming language. One thing it did was make web1&2 coding seem easier; so I re-started my progress from 2017 on Freecodecamp's first Web Designer course. I finished the HTML course, then finished the CSS course, now just working on getting that first whole course finished. Web3 stuff was smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain, it was hard, and I had to make a choice. I need to start with web1&2 programming if I want to do Web3 because even some CSS was hard for me. I’m just going to do as many coding challenges as possible on Freecodecamp though like I used to. I am still working on my crypto book too; almost at 20,000 words. This course I am working on though finishes up with some Javascript I think, I believe that is still needed for Web3 because the internet will still be here right?

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