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 Crypto Ponders

SBF, Sam Bankman Fried, was arrested in the Bahamas and was supposed to talk to congress about his big screw-up at FTX. Who knows if he was arrested because they didn’t want him to talk to congress but he probably won't be in jail for a long time. It’s pretty wild how much crypto hit the mainstream now and I wonder if there will be any Superbowl commercials this year. Kim Kardashian won her crypto influencer case about Ethereum max I guess, they threw it out. Meaning she got to pump a coin by asking “Is anyone into crypto?”, and her followers saw a post about Ethereum max. George from the CryptosRus YouTube channel does a video every 12 hours on crypto news and the market during the week. He does videos on the weekend too and just overall nice how he gives out information. They had the FTX hearing today in congress and it’s wild how crappy of a company they were. So glad I never made an account on their website, the website looked janky anyways. What is wild about the FTX/SBF situation is that Do Kwon, the dude who collapsed TerraLuna did the same stuff SBF did but hes still on the run out there. Caroline Ellison is out there free and was part of the FTX fallout also so it’ll be interesting to see if she or Do Kwon gets arrested.

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Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a computer program that proves something is yours. From my understanding, a smart contract is created with Solidity and is deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts will be the future of a lot of ways people do business because they can confirm something is yours. Like a house or car confirmed on a blockchain, maybe Polygon, but any blockchain would work I suppose. The smart contracts are transparent on the blockchain for the most part so anyone can see them. It’s basically a distributed ledger that stores information and the smart contract is a tiny computer program. I started learning Solidity through the crypto zombies course and it’s not that hard to get the idea of what a smart contract is. One characteristic of smart contracts is that they immutable, so they cannot be changed, and no one can go back and change the code in the contract. If it’s a contract for a house or car and you paid let's say you paid $10,000 for your car, you cannot go back and edit the smart contract to say you paid only $8,000. There are many reasons to use smart contracts for things but it’ll take awhile for them to be used mainstream in society.

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This is an AI chatbot/website that will tell you anything, or most anything. It is pretty new this week and I guess was the fastest app to get a million users, within 6 days. I asked some things about crypto, like will Bitcoin hit $30k a coin in 2023 and it said yes it will. I asked it who killed president John F. Kennedy and it gave a vague answer about Lee Harvey Oswald. You can type any programming language into ChatGPT and it will type back in that language, it does smart contracts in Solidity within seconds. You can be really good at knowing what goes into a smart contract but the human has to think, then type. This AI chatbot can just do the whole thing with comments within 10 seconds. It can type essays in seconds, I asked it to type a 400-word essay about Davenport, Iowa and it just did it in seconds. If you are in school this can help with assignments or just overall any help on knowing things. It cannot tell you who will win sports games though so If you were wanting to use it for betting it won't do that.

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The Internet Experience 

OccultHawk was banned from the musicbanter discord server and now he's in the one I moderate. I created a stocks channel since that was perfectly needed. Mystic, a member of Boxden was banned from Boxden and he is also an active member of the Boxden Discord Server. The Incubator crew did a Twitter Spaces for their NFT show, I don’t do that because it’s just a group phone call. Musicbanter is more active this week, plus someone posted a thread about changing the whole website. They really should get the photo auto-resizing option for the website. I post new photos I take to city data and get points on that website sometimes for doing that. Like pictures of the food at I eat at my parent's house I’ll share to city-data’s “What’s for dinner?” thread. They have a music forum I am active in but they have a forum for literally everything. I check Twitter a lot since that is probably the most used app, one thing I like pointing out was that Elon Musk wasn’t even interested in buying Facebook. Mr. Musk was interested in Twitter because that is where the craic is, as the Irish would say.

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