August Thoughts

Discord servers are awesome, I been on them for months now and have found myself seeing how much it’s like AOL chat rooms. A Discord server then has it’s hashtags on different topics to chat in. I was on IRC’s when I was active on the Anon IRC. This is sort of like that but just more social media type, but I just now thought of it, Anons probably have a discord! Right now I am on the musicbanter discord, masonic discord, sports cards discord, then the boxden crypto discord server. Pulled some nice desert storm cards from the packs I bought at an antique store in Iowa, adding to the $5 cards at parents store. I am going to price all my cards $55 at the store also.

I think that the main reason why China was so hard on getting rid of bitcoin miners in China and now the Chinese government can have their own digital currency. I am allowed to share links in the Sports Card Investor Discord server every 6 hours. I paste my eBay links to my auctions or just random 4 cards. I looked into USB ASIC Bitcoin miners; they make around $0.50/day per USB block erupter.  Some people say they aren’t worth it so much and you are basically buying an old collector’s item. Since mining is more profitable, wouldn’t that mean for these USB block erupters are also. They cost around $75-150 online and are not that confusing to connect to your computer. They are only mine 333MH/second and that’s not much at all now.

4 Cards ended in auction, and I started another 4. I did all my auctions within an hour instead of one each day. Just seen the totals as a week all at once instead of cards sold going to bank each day but now just as a week. The weekly winner was the card I had thought would do well, the Albert Pujols rookie card but the first Shaq rookie went for $26, that just lowered the amount I paid for the other two.

Started an auction of one of my favorite cards of all time; the 1992 Topps card number 362. Topps was on top of their design with the early 90’s products or maybe that is just when I fell in love with the hobby. I already sold a 1992 Topps Shaq rookie mint 9 for $108 but this auction probably won’t land there. It is extremely hard to predict sports card auction prices because of the variables that come with it. I have mine ending on Sundays, Saturdays, and best if you can do it would be a Friday night.

GekkoScience NewPac USB miners mine about 4 times the amount as an ASIC USB miner, and only about double the price for one. It is probably the most efficient miners there are, it’s 130Gh/s hash rate. NSA created that algorithm or set of algorithms, the SHA-2, Secure Hash Algorithm, so whoop whoop for America! That is the algorithm Bitcoin uses, so after I realized America was around the creation of Bitcoin, I started to see it’s value and why it was created. That was another reason I thought China was so anti-Bitcoin with the miner destroying they were doing. Setting up these GekkoScience USB miners isn’t simply just a login and start mining but takes more complex setup. Not that hard just complex, lots of steps to get it going. I just checked out Slush pools website and remember I already have a login if they are sending emails. 

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