August Halftime Thoughts

Blog playlist is all women this week; just felt like randomly gathering all women artists I like into a playlist. Thinking a little harder, this whole crypto blog I been doing with the sports cards updates, It’s helping me. My parents here went to Maine, and my sister went on her Honeymoon; so I am here all alone from the people I talk with. I was doing the music album reviews if anyone noticed and just stopped. Well the website I was mainly doing them for didn’t care anymore, I thought people would care. I posted a Boxden thread of a YouTube video of a Tiktok, about Robinhood offering crypto wallets now. That was my only downer about Robinhood was you didn’t own the crypto keys of your crypto and now we will soon. I am saying it’s official because Yahoo wouldn’t lie on YouTube. That means you would be able to send crypto to someone and also receive it with Robinhood, something Cashapp already offered but now Robinhood is seeing they need to offer more. Ya know things are getting serious when you are shopping for a hard wallet for crypto and crypto holds up the Senate on an infrastructure bill.

The Infrastructure bill still needs to be voted in the house but looks like crypto is being left alone but that could always change. My opinion on people trying to make laws about things they barely understand is that it shouldn’t happen. Ted Cruz got up and talked and I completely agreed with him, Ted freaking Cruz! He was correct about miners headed for Texas because of the cheap electricity and he doesn’t want to miss out. Bitcoin doesn’t belong to a physical land anywhere, and miners can mine to plenty of places for cheap. Some have recently came to me with investing advice in crypto, and if anyone ever needs help with info or explaining something, I can. I have been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since around 2014 when a friend showed me how to mine at the VA. A lot of people are in Bitcoin until it hits $100k/ coin and it’s at $47k/ coin now, so it’s not too late. But my ultra-advice that is not finance advice, buy, and hold long term on Bitcoin and Ethereum. I tried explaining how a house could be put on the Ethereum blockchain to my stepfather John last night. NFTs are still somewhat popular about 2 months after I thought that whole wave left. But nope NFTs are still coming out and selling because it’s still new to so many. I have 3 online but not on the Ethereum blockchain because I didn’t pay the high gas fees. Someone on Instagram showed how she had to pay $83 to move $230 of Ethereum for an NFT and that was why I stopped. I still think NBA Top shot will be popular this coming up season because of the demand.

I bought 3 BGS graded cards, not PSA but BGS. Just a different grading company and it’s slightly different and the portfolio I use recognizes the value. I picked up two Topps Now cards and a Derek Jeter. All the graded cards at my parents store in Salem, CT called Another Man’s Treasure are $50, the top loaders are $5 each. I sold a Shohei Ohtani for $5 there in that bin, I pulled it from a pack. EIP-1559, something that is happening to Ethereum that is getting rid of some of the amount of it’s supply; making it go up. It’s burned 42k ETH in 9 days, that doesn’t seem like a lot though. Bitcoin mining ends in 2140, we will probably be on Mars by then.

Last week’s auctions didn’t end with success right away, one paid 4 days after he won the auction. Going to keep sharing links on Twitter and in Discord servers. People don’t pay for card sales right away after the auction win. I don’t know what is better, getting bids on cards early in the auction and knowing it’s going to sell for that amount or just large bids at the end. I wish it could be a mix of both but I have seen cards double right within the last 2-3 seconds. The serial number Derek Jeter I sold, went from the $50s to over a $100 in auction right at the end. Been posting my auction links in the Sports Card Investor Discord, every 6 hours since that’s the limit. I don’t think many will see those links but then also post links to the cards on Twitter that get a couple likes sometimes. Twitter tells me how many see if and it’s always a few hundred people and then I’ll just share again.

I found an awesome way to search my hard drive of all my photos over the years from different cell phones. I have backed up them since a long time ago. Well if I want to see all the photos I took in 2012 or 2015, just search that and the file names all have the date taken right in them. The new infrastructure bill in America happened, they wanted to throw crypto regulation in there also; but I guess it was blocked. Congress votes on it today and we’ll see in my crypto discord server group what happens. Ethereum and Bitcoin have bounced back also, I bought the dip not just once but three times. My opinion on how crypto is being manipulated is because it went up too fast last run. There was no volatility in Bitcoin from $20- 60k, it just went straight up and then people thought at that time in history it would go further up. It didn’t and dropped to $29k a Bitcoin, and I knew it would go back up like it has but hard to get someone to understand the value of crypto.

Going out of my sports cards inventory this week was a Jerry Rice, Mickey Mantle, Shaq Rookie, plus a Jeter Rookie. Coming into the inventory this week is a Magic the Gathering PSA 9, plus a Pokemon PSA 9. Thought it would add something different to my featured collection on my website if you click the logo. I lowered my most valuable card down $100 and just overall lowered the prices on cards online. Plus with the all cards $50 at parents store, that may lead to some sales there where there aren’t eBay fees.

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