April Thoughts

The NFT experience for me so far, I checked out NBA Top Shot website and found a Trae Young highlight I like. I looked like it was as cheap as $41 but also $11.111 for it. How much is it? What do I get? So I sat there and stared at it until I got tired of looking at it. Who cares to own the actual mp4? Wouldn’t you much rather own a physical item like a sports card in a graded case by PSA, I have a whole collection here online. Click the main homepage logo of Shhon’s Stuff and then the sports card collection icon. SNL did a video about NFTs this week also, they explained it well.

I changed up the website collections. Added some Nike shoes and made an Art section. There is a shoe section now and I am thinking about buying shoes to resell. Like fancy Nike sneakers, how them shoe resellers do, I want to start that also. My headphones broke, the new ones. So I plugged in the red dragon ones my mom gave me for Christmas. These have better bass, just wondering why my other ones broke? I really wish I could have not rushed so much from moving to Connecticut, I left lots of painting I could have on my website now. That Lil Nas X situation with the Satan shoes and all, I didn’t watch the music video because I was told what it was but that’s exactly what the label wanted, people to talk about it. So I won’t feed into the sensationalism.

Bought a couple games for my N64, it works for one game. Eleni and Joey got the system for me for Christmas. I have the racing game and its fun. I bought Griffey Slugfest and a Madden football game off Facebook. Bought a LaMelo Ball rookie card, an insert one too. Pink Ice Global Prospects card and it’s cool, it’s got an American flag on it. Ken Griffey Jr gem mint 10 from 1999 Upper Deck MVP set came in the mail: two Shaq rookies, two Hank Aaron cards from 1990s sets. All up on my Sports Cards collection on the website. I don’t know how to get people to the website because Instagram only lets to link people on your story if you have 10k followers. I don’t even have 100. Update on that LaMelo Ball card, someone offered me $100 an I sold it. Bought another.

I added a couple more items from Another Man’s Treasure to the website in that section. Kanye West really stepped out of the spotlight after losing the presidential race in 2020. Did he actually plan to win? I bought the TV to play the N64 games on from Another Man’s Treasure. It’s really fun playing N64 videos games and feeling somewhat normal. All the people my age or younger and some older play video games. I guess not all the people but most and now I can say “I was playing videos games” when someone asked what’s up or something. I took down a bunch of items on the Another Man’s Treasure collection on my website, my parents sold the items, and they weren’t available for my website. I also got a TV stand from my parents store, so I have that now and then other day they decided to change up a few rooms. If you haven’t been to the store in a while, It will totally look different. At first the store was changing every two days or so but now the front counter is nice how that it. Parents got a nice awesome square card reader for Christmas way back before they even started the store. I was giving the idea to them that this square card reader would be helpful when they finally open up. Then they finally opened up and they were able to take debit cards at the store. They put things all along the walls of the other back rooms they had most of someone else’s stuff but now it’s mixed with their stuff plus items from other people. But from December of 2019 and then into 2020, I was wondering what was going to happen with the store but then they opened open on July 4th weekend of 2020.

It’s been interesting experience getting back into sports cards, just like bitcoin, I wish I had more faith in the investment idea earlier. Bitcoin to me was silly until its now hovering over $50k a coin for the past two weeks. On its way further up? In the famous words of our favorite day trader Dave Portnoy, “Stocks only go up”, this logic can be applied to bitcoin. Is it a bubble? People, like me, thought it was a bubble and everyone will start selling off and it’ll go to zero and be worth nothing. Well it dropped major, and I sat there watching the news like I won or something by NOT investing. It went up to $15k, I just ignored. It went to $20k, I ignored. It’s now hit an all-time high of $61k last week. So I have Bitcoin merch now, it’s on my website home page now also, in the clothes collection.

Songs of the Weeks playlist; more hip-hop. Some of the artists record labels follow me on twitter and some comment to me when I comment about the music. I’ll support that over anything else that doesn’t have the personal fan connection. I am a music blogger, just a fan of music and the reviews are all done for free from my thoughts to screen. Artist spotlight of the blog would be this guy off the car freestyles on Tiktok. Tiktok videos to Instagram videos to then me finding out he dropped an album already way back on Sony. He dropped a new album but only on some other streaming platform, it then hit Spotify and I am liking it, his name is Matt Citron.  My friend Jalen dropped a new music video, artist name Half n Halph, his first video solo and it’s cool, got a window XP theme. FIC Snapchat crew was running deep in that thread, and it got me wondering if anyone is paying attention to who all gets mentioned on boxden threads. I mention tag the Snapchat group and so does Calvin, so Ronnie has to wonder, how these dudes know each other. Oh yeah and OccultHawk is still gone from musicbanter, told the website I’d mention that in my next blog.

Rock Album Highlight

Linkin Park - Living Things

Linkin Park - Living Things - Amazon.com Music

I treat ever Linkin Park album the same, where I like them all and enjoy the memories from the times the album was released. “Skin To Bone” the original is awesome; I mainly jam to that remix with Ryu on it with the remix on “Recharged”.  Maybe I see more into the albums than others, pretty sure I do because this album rocks hard and musicbanter reputation is that Linkin Park is lame. “Roads Untraveled” has a great piano starting out and them bells going on in the background really make the album have a break in sound of heavy rock. This album will be hard to pick just 7 songs for the 7 song album I do because of how many are on this one and how great they all are.

This is Linkin Park’s 5th studio album, and it was released on Machine Shop Recording also, other than Warner Music Group. Rick Rubin was involved with the album also and is a producer on tracks according to the wiki page of the album. No Bonus or extra tracks from this slice of recording the band did for like target release of japan release, just a few remixes. This album was also a number one album selling 223,000 albums the first week, beating out Maroon 5’s album that week. So no one can say Linkin Park didn’t have success after their first two albums. This is proof and for fans like me, nothing new, every album is great. The album is Platinum now and released singles from this album in the fall of 2012, I had just got to Iowa. When I moved from Connecticut to Iowa in 2012, this album would be released when I just moved into the 11th street apartment in Davenport.

On “Powerless” the music is sort of that remix style Mike Shinoda does plus a real rock band sound both combined. Most of this album is that sound also, that sort of computer-beat made plus live instrumentals all blended together to make a jamming rock song. For me it’s just as good as Hybrid Theory, their first album, if not better. How could it not be better too? Because this was their 5th album, with 4 already successful albums, the 5th couldn’t go wrong. It continued also until their final album, which was modern day pop-rock and I just didn’t vibe with it. As I was playing Cruising the World on N64, I wrote down “Victimized” is very heavy, for a rock song this stuff jams. “Victimized” remix on “Recharged” remix album was great but this original version is awesome.  

This album was great, I wonder if the band has more un-released projects that they plan to release under the band’s name. I think whoever listened to the first two Linkin Park albums and said “We need Rick Rubin on this” was awesome. I don’t really know how to explain the sound too sometimes listening to different songs. Some it’s techno beats mixed with real drum kits and then some songs are just all techno type.

HipHop Album Highlight

Andy Mineo - Happy Thoughts

Andy Mineo - Happy Thoughts Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

The ending on “Mangia (Ramen & Rhymin’) is awesome and should have been the whole track like that. The flows on the start of the track are weak but it ends great. Andy Mineo is an artist that I found out about in the hospital. Someone asked if I heard of him before and I said nope, I didn’t forget and when I left, I researched his music. This was in 2015, so I have been a fan since around then. As big of a fan of Andy Mineo I am, I don’t vibe that well with a couple of his albums, but the “Work in Progress” was awesome. Plus the album he did with Wordsplayed, that was awesome, every song great type of album.

“Momma Taught Me” is probably my favorite and maybe the best song on the album. Real smooth track that vibes with a fast tempo. This album has 7 songs, so everything is making the cut for the 7 song album. “Always In A Rush” relates hard to me when I am always doing something. I don’t have TV here in the deep woods of Connecticut, I get one channel on my TV and it’s the channel they are always selling something. “Shibuya Roll Call”; “If you gotta dream, don’t sleep on it”. That is the best line from that song, it also the waterboy movie quote “you can do it”, just an overall motivating song.

“Jackson Pollock” had lots of hype on Tiktok and then they did that contest with the Tiktok remix. That was a dope idea and it turned out great. Song still bops too; this whole EP is great. I wonder what Andy Mineo will do for his next album, if it’s like this but longer with more songs then it’s probably awesome. “Mangia” start gets awesome at the 2:41 mark. Why couldn’t have that been the whole vibe the album. The beat for “Jackson Pollock” is really good, really thumps and has a nice bop to it. “WILLY (with nobigdyl) also has a nice bass bop to it, plus they did a video for this. There was videos for lots of these songs and that it probably the best way to release music. Short EP or short album with videos for most of the songs. Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed Present Magic & Bird album was really good, I think. I think it’s smart with two rappers make joint albums because of the fan base they both gain.

Overall, this EP is awesome. Can’t wait to hear what he does next if it’s another EP or full album. That “Always in a Rush” video was cool too, I watched that the first day it came out.


Songs of the Weeks:

  • Dup Lipa – We’re Good
  • Matt Citron – Brand New Boots
  • Justin Bieber – Off My Face
  • Aura Da Prophet – Metamorphosis (Ft. AKTHESAVIOR)
  • Jarren Benton – As You Are
  • Anoyd – Orangutan (Ft. Chris Webby)
  • Aura Da Prophet – Pluto & Back (Ft. Leo Dynasty)
  • Julia Michaels – All Your Exes
  • Ekoh – Pickle Rick
  • B.o.B – Roll Up (Ft. Marko Penn)
  • Apathy – Hypnosis (Ft. Brevi)
  • Boston - Peace of Mind
  • Les Deux love Orchestra - The Moth & The Flame


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