April Thoughts

Web 3 & Love for Web2

Data ownership is one of the main things Web3 is about, but how will that happen in real life? Do I share a photo on an Instagram type of app and somehow it’s an NFT or something? Musicbanter.com & city-data.com both are a mixture of web1 and web2 where you can have friends and comment on profile pages plus post blogs. Web2 is what people have become addicted to, web3 makes everything official I think. That documentary called “The Social Dilemma” is something worth watching, from what I know, it'll show you how creepy web2 has become. We gave all our information to Facebook for free, and Web2 companies sold it. I don’t know where a Web3 Facebook plays a role, but Twitter is trying by having official NFT profile photos.

I know I love web2, not as much as others of course but deep down I’d rather my photos online get likes than no one care I posted something. I bet it goes deep for people with meme postings all the time, they love web2, even with the evil ways Facebook and Instagram use it against us. Instagram stories are still popular, and how would a web3 version of stories be? Then there is TikTok, the most popular social media app currently; how does a web3 version of that work? If China owns it, it may move towards web3 faster than web2 companies here in the United States.

Crypto thoughts & ETH 2.0

The past two weeks have been wild for cryptocurrencies, mostly because of a large return back up towards $45k-$49k/coin for Bitcoin and back over $3k for Ethereum. That’s as of now, but for the past 15 days it’s been trending back up, that’s why it’s worth mentioning. It dropped back down, shocker. Apecoin was released and it mooned right away and stayed there for a while. Apecoin is the coin of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT crew, possibly giving the idea for more NFT tokens. I tried crypto.com, didn’t like it at all. I understand it’s built to be better and offer more options than Coinbase, but I just can’t do something all and only phone. I need the laptop/computer version and crypto.com doesn’t have that right now.

Robinhood is coming out with a cash card, which will be a different debit card than the one they have now I think. They will have a change round up and invest into stocks or crypto option plus a cash back on transactions. Robinhood is nice but just way behind in crypto than other investing apps because it only offers a few crypto coins to invest in. Robinhood has Litecoin on there and that coin just faded away it seems, but the next coins to list on Robinhood will be interesting.

From my understanding ETH 2.0 changes from proof of work, or mining, to proof of stake; where you would get reward for locking your Ethereum up to be staked. They are burning Ethereum to create less Ethereum which is why I always wonder why they made so much at creation. If there is only 21 million Bitcoins, then why not like only 50 million Ether. When Ethereum started there was 72 million ETH in existence but by 2021 there was over 113 million tokens, and now they want to burn and get rid of them. A growing demand for Ethereum with a shrinking supply just makes it really seem like Ethereum to flip Bitcoin eventually. You may need lots of money to participate into this Ethereum 2.0 staking instead of mining, meaning how decentralized is it?

The Incubator & Boxden’s Server

The Incubator, a discord server, has a community of people who know a lot about crypto and help each other from what I have noticed. They have a good content creation part where the admins do a crypto week in review each week and then a podcast each week. Discord is the new IRC, or new AOL Chat rooms, just people typing away thoughts. The Incubators mostly all say “Gm” channel and “Gn” for good night, pretty cool considering that seems so far from normal to add to the Boxden discord. The Incubator has levels, where after a certain level you’re a “degen”, something I would like to do with the Boxden server and call us “Goons” like on the Boxden website.

Boxden, is labeled as an entertainment website but has a large sports section, plus just different topics. Hard to explain how influential this website is, it goes back to around 2003 for me. They would have zero day releases for music and lots of stuff, I would copy the links and paste at my own similar website just not as large at all. Boxden had a props system for people who posted those zero day releases or just overall agreement with another post, you could give another user props.

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