April Halftime Thoughts

My corner of Sports Cards at Another Man’s Treasure just expanded and by the end of this month my area at the parents store will be upgraded. I bought card stands, 100 top loaders, 25 one touch cases, two boxes of 1994, and two boxes of 1993 Pinnacle. I am ripping one of each on a box break and selling the other box at the store for someone else to experience that, its 36 packs of 1990s wax. The box I had one touch case cards in will be $10 going further, we sold all of them for $5 and each sale I keep thinking wow what a loss. But we will still have $5 cards but in top loader cases instead of one touch cases. The reason for price increase is because the cards are worth more and then cases went up a lot. I actually thought of selling them for $15 each but just think that’s too high of the price. It will be really fun ripping open 36 packs looking for “good” cards from back then but I’m going to auction off more raw cards on Ebay and see if people are interested in any of my raw cards in binders.


The two new videos on YouTube, 3 & 4 of 2021, are going to be my only 2021 videos until June or so. It’s mainly clips from here and at my parents place plus clips from the store.  Videos 5 & 6 of this year will be released probably around June or July, so once I get the amount of time, I think a video should be. No rules saying I can’t release 30 videos this year. All my videos are now on YouTube, link is at the bottom on every blog now.


Got a couple Mickey Mantle cards on the website now. The 2006 Topps has value for me that’s personal. I bought a box of Topps 2006 cards and opened all the packs; I bought this the first week of the store opening because I hadn’t seen it yet. I guess it was the owner of the buildings cards he kept for years still sealed. Well I ripped all of them packs open and there was lots of Mickey Mantle inserts, which is one of the recent PSA gem mint 10s I just bought. Then a cool nice optic card from 2018 also gem mint 10, this insert name is “The Mick”, one of the coolest cards in my collection now. I am a collector, but willing to make a price for every card online. Trying to get rid of some cards that I have had for months now. I went months without any sales and now recently got 4 in two weeks.


I may start Helium mining if I am able to buy a mining rig. They don’t just let anyone buy one anytime they want but in May/June they are dropping more rigs. These mining rigs are $349 each and take up only 5 watts of electricity and that’s low for mining rigs. I actually thought about buying two because of how much Helium has gone up. Helium went up major recently and mining into a pool of other Helium miners would be how I do, similar to how when I mined bitcoin back in 2014. If I do it, I’ll blog about it here. If I don’t get the option to buy a Helium mining rig, I’m looking into Ethereum or Litecoin mining rigs, shit even dogecoin.


My biggest thrill recently is finding the rarest cards online for the cheapest price. I been dealing with sports cards since age 5 or 6, after I was hyped about Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. I started little league in East Davenport at age 8. I played tee ball at age 5 and 6 and once I was picked for a team in little league, I did great. By the time I was in my second year of little league I was getting good, made all stars every year going forward after my first year. All the neighborhood kids around Davenport would gather and meet up all of us somehow without cell phones back then. At St. Paul school yard, it was with a tennis ball and metal bat, at home it was with a whiffle ball or most likely socks taped up to make a ball. But recently I have been wanting serial numbered sports cards because I don’t have any in my collection and I bought a nice Mickey Mantle gem mint 10 PSA. They didn’t have serial numbered cards in the 1990s when I collected or at least not like the amount now days. I like that they do more now too because since I’ve noticed new box sets of sports cards is way less. The 1990s you’d get 36 packs but nowadays, 5-6 packs of like 4-6 cards. It’s much cooler in my opinion because it makes even base set cards worth something, compared to base sets in the 1990s where you could look up the price in a Beckett magazine and see only a quarter to half are worth anything at all. Example would be the new Topps Inception boxes, one pack, 7 cards, that’s all. The Panini Prizm boxes are worth the money, this year at least with the LaMelo rookies being worth money. The insert cards are worth even more raw, but I guess the point I’m trying to make is that now days its way less cards for more money.


Be a nice human.

Rock Album Highlight

Tame Impala - Currents

Tame Impala - 'Currents' review | NME

This is the second Tame Impala album I am reviewing in a couple months now. I just haven’t typed any thoughts on it. First song “Let it Happen”, on here is awesome and has a fast tempo, if you dance; then this song is for your positive mood playlist. The next full song is another fast temp track and could be danced to. It’s called “The Moment” but probably the best dance track is ‘The Less I Know The Better”. It has a fast tempo also but with a thumping drumbeat. My dad in Iowa likes the older Tame Impala but doubt he likes the album “The Slow Rush” or even this album. I think the song “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” was used in that cool show Atlanta also. In the beginning of the show too but I’m pretty sure it’s used for that show. The album was produced by Kevin Parker, and I like the drum patterns he picks.

Kevin Parker produced the album on his beachside home studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. It’s a psych-pop album though, not rock at all. They went from a 1970s rock sound on “Lonerism” and “Innerspeak” to psych-pop on this album and their newest one, which I did a review a couple blogs back. There are a few songs that could be classified as soft rock but it’s more pop-rock if anything.

"Currents follows the progression of someone feeling like they are becoming something else. They're becoming the kind of person they thought they'd never become.” —Kevin Parker; that is from the wiki page about the album. With most albums I listen to, it all comes down to how many songs get saved to playlists with replay value. This album is awesome, so I just add the whole album to my radio station for the random shuffle. The link to my radio station is by my YouTube link at the bottom.  “Yes I’m Changing” is a nice smooth song, sort of vaporwave background when the mall tunes with a real simple drum beat. The smooth and chill part of “Yes I’m Changing” is the singers singing. There is what sounds like the singer Kevin Parker talking on the song “Part life”, it sounds good, odd but sounds okay with the song.

HipHop Album Highlight

Half n Halph - 4 Point Play EP

Half n Halph new EP is also good. I’m reviewing this EP because it’s my friends EP, he chats in the Snapchat group I am in with him. This EP has bangers on it with nice flows, sounds like DJ Paul made the beats on a couple but that’s part of Half n Halph’s style and sound from what I’ve heard.  I have known this artist since around 2014, on boxden. Didn’t know him as a rapper first but he later started making music. Beat on “Sport Mode” has the nice piano on the beat and Half n Halph’s flow on it is different than the other songs. Very smooth flow on “Sport Mode”, sample hook sounds very Memphis scene hip-hop like it was produced by DJ Paul. The cover art is cool, the video game with a tab of vaporwave going on, and vaporwave hip-hop beats sound like these beats on this EP also. This album has a basketball theme also which is dope because the artist actually hoops too, he’s sent us Snaps of him hooping and I’ve sent my hooping snaps to the group.

The Sega font theme is nice too, normally vaporwave art is N64, but there aren’t any rules that say Sega can’t be vaporwave also. “Windows XP” the single that I was honored to post at Boxden’s Hip-Hop forum because sometimes when the artist does its labeled as spam right away. Ronnie gave the thread some action but it was moved to the streets and then the artist of this EP, tagged the whole damn website. Ended up with 40+ on boxden, the most influential website in the music industry. The whole theme of restore your computer to factory settings and just being vaporwave themed hip-hop. The flow Half-n-Halph has is flawless too, on every track.

“Shooting Guards” this has to be the best song on the EP, bass is amazing, but all these songs are great. Jamal Crawford, career leader in 4 point plays in the NBA with 55. 60 including post season. “Shooting Guards” has a guitar playing throughout the beat and still gives off the Three Six Mafia vibe, like DJ Paul emailed Half-n-Halph some of his beats for this EP. I think a whole album of this sound would be cool, plus some features and still with the DJ Paul and Vaporwave, which has been the artists vibe to me the whole time. To compare this artists first EP to this one, “4 Point Play” is better. I think the growth of the artist is the flows, much faster, and flawless over a faster tempo beats compared to the first EP. “Space Hops” probably the most chill song on the EP, nice flows on the beat and the beat bops. This artist sometimes blesses the Snapchat group with a freestyle in the group, mostly in the car without any prep it seems.

Wonder why the artist didn’t add “Levitate” or “Nightmare” to the EP because those would have made it even better. Listening to “Nightmare” now and this would have been a nice add on but who knows, maybe something I don’t with sampling or something.

Songs of the Weeks:

  • Kygo & Whitney Houston – Higher Love
  • Sa-Roc – Goddess Gang
  • Matt Citron – Atlanta Thrashers
  • Foals – London Thunder
  • Andy Mineo – Coming In Hot (Ft. Lecrae)
  • AWOLNATION – California Halo Blue
  • Kid Cudi – Red Eye (Ft. HAIM)
  • Jon Connor – Vehicle City (Flint, Michigan)
  • Tame Impala – Love/Paranoia
  • ¡Mayday! – Bitcoin Beezy (Ft. Murs)
  • Issa Gold – Phalipacoin
  • Aura Da Prophet – Flow State (Ft. Leo Dynasty & Spaceship Earth)
  • Kid Cudi – The Rage
  • AWOLNATION – Pacific Coast Highway In The Movies
  • Of Monsters & Men – Destroyer
  • Anoyd – The Mood
  • Rauf & Faik – Засыпай спокойно, Страна
  • Half n Halph – Windows XP
  • B.O.B – The Watchers
  • Freddie Gibbs – Big Boss Rabbit
  • Soccer Mommy – Indie Rokkers
  • Statik Selektah – Watch Me (Ft. Joey Bada$$)
  • Dee-1 – Against Us Remix (Ft. Lupe Fiasco & BIG K.R.I.T)
  • Tame Impala – The Moment
  • Half n Halph – Sports Mode
  • Big K.R.I.T – Life
  • Half n Halph – Shooting Guards
  • Fort Minor – High Road (Ft. John legend)
  • French Montana – Salam Alaykum
  • Chris Webby – Yippee Ki Yay (Ft. Anoyd)
  • Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better
  • Skiddalz - Shotgun



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