February 28th, 2024

Xi Jinping Thought

Xi'ism as some might call it. All it is a set of ideas and principles put forward by Xi Jinping, the leader of China. It's kind of like a guidebook for how China should be governed and how its people should live. Imagine if President Biden or Trump told us all to think and live the same way, it’s like that but the people in China don’t really take it that serious. It’s wild how Mr. Jinping stayed a visit while in Muscatine, Iowa in 1985, that’s a small city just south of the Quad Cities. Meaning he must have got to Muscatine through the Moline, Ill airport. Xi first used the phrase "Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era" in his speech on the opening day of the 19th Party Congress in October 2017. The Politburo Standing Committee (top decision-making group) then prepended "Xi Jinping" to the phrase, in their review of his speech. Another key idea in Xi Jinping Thought is the "Chinese Dream." This is all about making sure everyone in China can live a good life. It's like saying, "No matter who you are or where you come from, you can chase your dreams and make them come true." Like what we here in America view the American dream. I personally feel Xi Jinping loves America secretly like the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, because naming your dream the same as the American dream shows you love the United States. This idea to have your name in the way you want everyone to think comes again where Mao Zedong & Deng Xiaoping also had their own fundamental doctrines for the CCP.

Last week was my most productive week ever so far learning Chinese. Every week is a new set of learners, and you compete against each other on productivity, and they rank you. The top 3 get a stat on their profile and the top 7 move onto a new batch of people. Well, I am getting better! I am learning that repetition and keeping things retained as much as possible before going forward is best. I pay close attention to what goes on in China, mainly the money part like crypto and stocks, but for the people to, I guess. The people are waking up to their future, it looks like what CIA thought a year ago about China possibly pushing ahead of America in the global power spot; that has ended. The I-S00N data leaks, (their Edward Snowden moment), was just what they all thought. For America, we were shocked “How could our own government keep track and spy on us?” For them, they just looked up at the 400 million cameras and already knew and moved onto the next day. All I am saying is “America! Fuck yeah!”

This week in Crypto

I went back through my 2022 posts online, when Bitcoin continued to fall with FTX case dropping the Bitcoin price further. It was the bottom, but for me, who saw that same drop happen during covid and rocket back up to all time high; that wasn’t even my first cycle in Bitcoin. I was buying satoshis (a single unit of Bitcoin), up at $3k per Bitcoin. The stock market was pumping then too, not like it has these past 6 months but back then it was doing good. But that is the past, I could type essays about the history cycles of Bitcoin and crypto but it’s this week in Crypto. So, this week, yeah, we have done well, it pumped over $60k for Bitcoin, good job holders. I post online about the daily activity of Bitcoin but where we go from here is unknown areas. We have never had a Bitcoin cycle where Blackrock and Fidelity are scooping up billions of dollars in Bitcoin. What is happening is what Bitcoin people have predicted a supply shock, where the big buyers want more than there is. If there are only 4 cookies, and 10 people must eat, we’ll need to break those cookies down into fractional pieces for everyone.

Those pieces in Bitcoin are called “satoshis”, named after the individual or group of people who created Bitcoin and wrote the whitepaper. The whitepaper is a 8 page document that explains why it was created and why there is such a strong need for Bitcoin. Reading that document will ensure that you see that “investing” as early on for the cheapest price of Bitcoin is important.

This week though; Bitcoin pumped through the 50k ranges fast, eventually those DCAs (dollar cost averaging) prices now cost more. Well guess what now it is when you want to see where you start and take inventory or also take profits. If you were buying satoshis all covid and continued as it fell all 2022. Halfway through 2023, you probably thought those profits were nice but now Bitcoin is close to all time high prices. If you haven’t sold any, the dilemma of “sell equals no more Bitcoin” happens. Bitcoin is a personal situation; no other person’s opinion should help you decide if selling is for you.

But selling it just like buying, you DCA back out at prices going further up or down. Bitcoin will most likely have a super cycle this time around because of the ETFs buying more than are even being created. Plus, that new Bitcoin creation amount daily will be cut in half in April. 900 Bitcoins are currently mined each day, in April in one 10-minute block, it drops down to only 450 new Bitcoin each day. Those ETFs are buying thousands of Bitcoins each day, it’s mainly why Bitcoin has gone way up this month and since Mr. Gensler finally approved them.

I don’t even like typing about crypto much anymore, it’s why my blogs went from set two weeks every blog to about once a month. But us in the community of crypto on forums, discord servers, twitter/X; we have been trying to inform as many people as possible that our government doesn’t even control if new money is created! The federal reserve, (with cooperation of the US government), has just made prices go up, and trillions of dollars are being spent. We are funding wars and countries that in my opinion isn’t a waste but damn, how about funding the states first. I know we have it the best here in America but Bitcoin, the set limited supply, is the solution.



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