August 26th, 2023

Gateway Tapes & Meditation

Been giving the gateway tapes a try again and this time I reached a point to where I wanted to continue the next day or before I go to bed. This is the essence of consciousness that the gateway tape listeners are going for. They are for free on YouTube and some people pay a lot for the actual CDs or MP3 files online. The tapes have one frequency going in one ear and another slightly different frequency in the other ear. It forces a wave pattern in your brain and allows you to meditate with your brain waves in a certain pattern. They were created by the Monroe Institute back in the 1980s and the government classified them as secret after the CIA was able to use them to their advantage in remote viewing and lucid dreaming. They eventually declassified the tapes and the 29-page file on how to use them on what they are basically doing. It is difficult to know how to use them because it takes a bit of knowledge of the law of attraction, meditation, and then some knowledge of dreaming. Like reality checks, and returning to the same dream every night, basically living a second life in your sleep.

Crypto in China, NFTs & Politicians

China’s economy isn’t doing too hot with the real estate problem they have. My rice packets that were $1.99 once are now $2.79 each. Two packets equal a meal and that’s not necessarily cheap anymore. We all now know crypto takes electricity to mine it and someone in China has been sentenced to life in prison for just mining Bitcoin. Mining though in China is still a crime and the CCP is giving out rewards for people who tell the government who is mining or doing what they consider to be illegal. That is drastically different than what America has going on. In Texas, the crypto mining operation has brought their electric grid a benefit by being able to use a lot of electricity so when there is a peak, they can handle it. China banned crypto but there are people still holding and trading because Binance, the crypto exchange is still transacting 90 billion in China according to the Wall Street Journal.

One strategy that Binance is to offer access to its platform through virtual private networks (VPNs) that let Chinese users bypass the government's "Great Firewall". Americans use VPNs also for illegal things but from my understanding, using a VPN is basically asking the FBI to monitor what you are trying to hide. Binance had rumors of taking away their fiat off/on ramps and just using crypto. Where you couldn’t transfer bank money to Binance but could transfer Bitcoin or any crypto from another crypto wallet. China's central bank, the People's Bank of China (PBOC), has also been working on its own digital currency, but I thought they had already switched over to a central bank digital currency. America started the Fed Now system a few months ago but seems like politicians are debating whether we ever go to the full CBDC or not. It’ll be something to pay attention to what the Republican candidates say about it, Ron DeSantis is completely against CBDCs.

NFTs are still a thing that the Incubator folks are trading and buying; I don’t see the value in jpegs worth money. The clothes on a blockchain thing do seem cool but it’s a physical item you’re wearing compared to a link to the photo. You cannot sell an NFT anytime you want, it takes a buyer wanting the NFT to buy from you. Most own NFTs for access to the community or discord server and have created clubs where the membership is an NFT. NFT means non-fungible tokens, mostly a picture of a cartoon character and has a price in crypto attached to it. They were the hot item for about 6 months, late 2021 into 2022 but now for me I see beanie babies and sports cards. A Shohei Ohtani baseball card may be worth $5000 but it’s only worth what a buyer is willing to pay; that’s the same for NFTs.

Bootcamp Parris Island to SOI to 2/9

When I was at Parris Island, South Carolina, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot training base, I got a Red Cross message. I had just turned 19 in August of 2007 and the message was that my grandfather on the McDevitt side died. My family decided to not let me know and I would just continue training there in boot camp. At the end of boot camp, a week before graduation, they have a family day where your family gets to visit and walk around Parris Island with your family before graduation. My family let me know that my grandpa passed away right there outside the barracks and that I missed the funeral. The sad part for me when I think back on it is that there was still a week left of training and I had to just forget they told me and go back to screaming at drill instructors. They could have told me he died, and I would have left boot camp for 2-3 days and come back to finish the cycle training. I would have been dropped to the next platoon in training because you cannot miss any training at Parris Island.

Parris Island recruit training was wild, and I remember thinking to myself that this was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life at that point. When we went to SOI (School of Infantry), after boot camp, that was even more challenging at that point. Then the training I did in the fleet was even more difficult but at that point, you’re in the fleet with your unit and it doesn’t seem as bad since on Friday you know you can be drunk as shit and forget what happened during the week.

When I was at 2/9, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines on Camp Lejeune in North Carolina I was just a young dude, and drinking every night was what most of the marines did in our barracks rooms. If I had been a little more experienced and older before I joined the Marines Corps, I would have explored the area around Jacksonville and tried to network with people and not drink as much. After we came back from Iraq my unit moved into a different set of barracks and it seemed like we drank alcohol more and more to the point where we were just getting wilder. I eventually got to the point where my unit sent me to rehab in North Carolina and did outpatient treatment on Camp Lejeune when I got back. Instead of doing what all the other marines were doing, I would go to a therapy session about drinking and by lunchtime meet up with my section. I was getting within 6 months of EAS’ing (End of Active Service), and my unit put me into the headquarters platoon. I would do my treatment on Lejeune at the base treatment center and then go to the armory for the rest of the day. I basically tried super hard to stay sober until I got out because drinking after rehab was like a huge slap in the face to the Marine Corps. That is why it is so easy for me to be sober now because it goes so deep back to my Marine Corps days.

Be a nice human. 


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